Wu Dong Qian Kun (Chapter 1001-Chapter 1100)

Wu Dong Qian Kun

(Martial Universe)



Heavenly Silkworm Potato

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Wu Dong Qian Kun (Chapter 1001-Chapter 1100)

Chapter 1001 - Say My Name

* * *

“Someone from Yuan Gate?”

Lin Dong’s expression slowly became gloomy. Anything that was related to this sect would cause his calm heart to feel a great amount of churning murderous intent.

Mo Luo slowly nodded. He was also to some extent aware of the enmity between Lin Dong and Yuan Gate. Hence, he was not surprised by this appearance of Lin Dong.

“There is indeed some problem with this Yuan Gate… those three fellows from the Yuan Gate back at Sky Lightning Sea Region had the ‘devil seed’ hidden within their bodies.” Lin Dong hesitated for a moment before speaking.

“Devil seed huh… looks like the feeling I had back then was not wrong.”

Mo Luo’s eyes slightly narrowed and was not too surprised. Back then, the Huo Yuan trio had been rather well behaved in front of him and did their best to hide the fluctuations within their bodies. Because all of his attention had been on the Thunderbolt Ancestral Symbol, Mo Luo did not have time to concern himself with other matters. When he thought about it later on, he realised that there was indeed something amiss.

“This sect is indeed a little strange…” Mo Luo spoke in a low voice. The information he had was naturally not something that Lin Dong could compare to. Even though Yuan Gate was located in the distant Eastern Xuan Region, Mo Luo still knew about them to a certain extent.

“Unfortunately, Yuan Gate is not located in the Chaotic Demon Sea. The hands of my Flame Divine Hall will have great difficulty extending to the Eastern Xuan Region. Some of the super sects there are not to be trifled with.”

Lin Dong nodded. The Eastern Xuan Region might not be as vast as the Chaotic Demon Sea, but the eight super sects had firmly established themselves there. They greatly disliked foreigners and it was not an easy matter for anyone to interfere in the matters there.

“However, if this Yuan Gate is really related to the Yimo, it is likely that we will definitely come into contact with them in the future.” A solemn expression flashed across Mo Luo’s eyes. He had a monstrous hatred towards the Yimo. If the Yuan Gate was really in cahoots with them, he would all means to uproot them!

“What is the matter with Hua Chen?” Lin Dong inquired.

“I have very little information about this person. However, if Yuan Gate has really dispatched someone to fight for the Thunderbolt Ancestral Symbol, it is likely that he will be quite powerful. Both of you should be careful of him during the competition.” Mo Luo looked at Lin Dong and Tang Xinlian as he spoke with a solemn expression.


The Lin Dong duo nodded. Soon after, Lin Dong felt a headache. Regardless of whether it was the faceless person or that Hua Chen from Yuan Gate, both of them were definitely extraordinary individuals. The appearance of any one of them was trouble and currently the both of them had appeared together. Moreover, besides these two, the remaining top five on the rookie list were not softies either. Looks like there will really be much to see during this competition…

“The competition will begin in five days. Lin Dong, you should remain in Fiery Flame City during this period of time. If you have any problems, look for Xinlian. She manages the city’s enforcement unit. You should also avoid causing too much trouble. Otherwise, it will not be fun to fall into her hands.” Mo Luo laughed.

Lin Dong was slightly startled. He immediately glanced at Tang Xinlian with a somewhat embarrassed expression. He never imagined that this lady was so valiant and was even managing an army like force like the law enforcement unit of the Flame Divine Hall. However, Mo Luo had spoken these words a little too late. He had already been caught earlier.

Tang Xinlian’s pretty eyes glanced at Lin Dong as she spoke in a faint voice, “I will not abuse the law for my own personal reasons. Regardless of who it is, anyone within the area managed by the Flame Divine Hall must follow the rules.”

Lin Dong choked a little in the face of this suddenly impartial lady. All he could do was to shake his head helplessly.

An enchanting smile was suddenly revealed on Tang Xinlian’s pretty face when she saw this bitter appearance of Lin Dong. Her slender hand gently patted Lin Dong’s shoulder as she smilingly said, “If you obediently follow at my side, I will guarantee that no one will dare offend you in this Fiery Flame City.”

Tang Xinlian swung her fiery red hair after her words sounded as she turned around in a free and easy fashion. That attractive back of hers appeared exceptionally domineering.

Lin Dong was a little dumbstruck as he watched Tang Xinlian turn around and leave. In his heart, he felt that this woman was really bold…

“Ha ha.”

Mo Luo involuntarily laughed out loud upon seeing this and teased, “What do you think? This first disciple of mine is sufficiently formidable right? Since both of you are of similar age, why don’t you get together. Although you have boundless prospects, Xinlian is also not an ordinary lady. She is well matched with you.”

Lin Dong immediately withdrew in defeat upon hearing this. He hurriedly bid Mo Luo goodbye and fled miserably.

Mo Luo’s laughter was even louder as he watched Lin Dong flee as quickly as a rabbit. It was a long while later before his laughter stopped. He looked in the direction that Lin Dong had ran and said, “First Elder, what do you think?”

The space within the large hall slowly became distorted after Mo Luo’s voice sounded as an old man in fiery red robes appeared out of nowhere. He looked outside the hall and said, “Xu Xiu is very powerful, while that Hua Chen has not shown himself even till now, hence we do not know his strength. If Yuan Gate is really in cahoots with the Yimo, I’m afraid that this Hua Chen will be quite powerful. It is likely that Xinlian’s strength is insufficient to stop these two individuals.”

“As for Lin Dong… although he was able to receive three strikes from chief, it can actually only be considered one strike. He had used all of his trump cards during that strike and used cheap tricks for the other two strikes. However, such tricks will definitely not appear during the competition.”

Mo Luo nodded slightly. Lin Dong had relied on the Thunder World’s strength to receive his second strike while the third strike was received by that ridiculous Ancient Divine Flame Tablet. An object that was coincidentally immune to the power of the Blazing Ancestral Symbol. Hence, his strongest third strike had not caused Lin Dong any harm. However, these two methods would not be of much use during the competition.

“Hence, it will be quite difficult to rely on the both of them to stop Xu Xiu and Hua Chen.”

Mo Luo gently pressed his finger on the backrest of his chair and asked, “Then what does First Elder suggest?”

“We can take additional precautions. That Little Elephant King Zhou Ze is quite strong. If we can obtain his help, it will be an additional insurance for us.” The red robed old man said.

“That little fellow from Thousand Manifestation Mountain huh…” Mo Luo thought for a while and laughed, “That little fellow does possess some strength. However, I can only get Xinlian to speak to him about this matter. That fellow has always fancied her. Still, she will end up grumbling if I get her to do this…”

“Then let’s do it this way.”

Mo Luo waved his hand and made up his mind. Soon after, he lifted his head. Those crimson red eyes of his surged with a chilling light.

“This time, I am going to properly take care of those wretched creatures. Using this opportunity, it is also time to allow the various experts and factions in this world to notice the dangerous thing hidden in the darkness…”