Wu Dong Qian Kun (Chapter 601-Chapter 700)

Wu Dong Qian Kun

(Martial Universe)



Heavenly Silkworm Potato

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Wu Dong Qian Kun (Chapter 601-Chapter 700)

Chapter 601: Three Devils of the Song Family

* * *


Boundless Yuan Power engulfed the area like a wild storm. Gusts swept up across the stone-littered ground, causing sand and pebbles to fill the air, making one feel as if one was in a storm.

Numerous gazes turned to the direction of the whooshing sound in a flash of understanding. These gazes were filled with surprise and expectation.

Amidst the rubble, the eyes of the three men, who were wearing robes that had skull prints on them, began to flicker. Then, they stood up expressionlessly, and due to their powerful auras, the Yuan Power in the surrounding started to show signs of undulation.

“Hehe, how daring of you. There are not many people in the Ancient Battlefield who dare to rush into a trap set up by the Sky Devil Empire….” An uncanny laugh came from behind the three black-robed men. Soon after, two more figures appeared.

One of them was dressed in a blood-red robe and his body was reeking of blood. The other person was dressed in a pale-white robe, which seemed extremely ghastly, giving off a sinister feeling.

“Xue Ying, Hua Gu, let my Sky Devil Empire deal with Lin Dong and his party. I will leave Liu Bai and his counterparts to your Blood Seal Empire and Bone Jade Empire. I hope both of you won’t be as useless as the Great Net Empire.”

One of the skull-printed, black-robed men said indifferently. He had a pair of hollow eyes and a distinct aquiline nose, exuding a rather menacing aura. He was the second brother of the Song Devils, Song Que.

“Hehe, don’t worry, Brother Song Que. Liu Bai and his counterparts will not escape,” The blood-red robed man and the pale-white robed man replied hastily to Song Que’s indifferent words. They clearly knew how ruthless the killing methods of the three men before them were. The capabilities of the Song Devils sufficed to make the two men fear them.

“Haha, Lin Dong and his counterparts must be quite capable to be able to defeat the Great Net Empire. Much to my surprise, they approached us with no hesitation even though they knew of the trap I have set,” The man standing at most front of the three black-robed men smirked. He was the most gentle-looking out of the three men. However, those who were familiar with the Song Devils knew that he was Song Zhen, the most terrifying one out of the three men.

Not only was his strength terrifying, but his killing methods were extremely terrifying as well.

Reportedly, none of those who had their Nirvana Seals seized by him survived. As such, whoever encountered this fiend did not even have the courage to put up any resistance and surrendered his or her Nirvana Seal automatically in hope of surviving.

“This is quite a good burial ground,” Song Ba, who was ranked third among the three men, curled his mouth and sneered. His pale-white teeth contained an aura that would make one’s heart palpitate.

Behind the three men, the Xue Ying duo broke out into a sinister laughter and then raised their heads to look in the direction of the wind whipping sound.

Swish swish!

The sound of wind whipping became increasingly intense. After a moment, all the gazes were converged at the piece of land that was full of rubble. A figure emerged from the forest and landed slowly outside of the rubble land.

Atop the huge boulder, Lanying and Qing Feng raised their heads and stared at the figure who had just appeared. This figure was somewhat familiar.

It was Lin Dong!

“Swoosh swoosh!”

As Lin Dong and his counterparts landed outside of the rubble land, numerous sounds of wind whipping broke out behind them. Numerous figures came in from all directions and landed outside of the rubble land, causing the border of the land to be congested.

“Those three men are the Song Devils of the Sky Devil Empire. The ones behind them are the leaders of the Blood Seal Empire and Bone Jade Empire. The two of them are of the same level as the Great Net Empire’s Xiao Shan.”

Liu Bai commented in a soft voice as he stood beside Lin Dong and stared solemnly at the three figures wearing skull-printed black robes.

Lin Dong raised his head and stared at the three figures whose bodies were surging with violent Yuan Power. A grave look flashed across his eyes. He could sense the formidable strength of the three men.

On the border of the land, there were countless practitioners from the three great empires eyeing this scene covetously. However, most of their faces contained a mocking look. Clearly, they regarded Lin Dong and his counterparts as a bunch of trapped fishes.

More and more people gathered around the rubble land after Lin Dong and his counterparts arrived. However, there were not much disorder or chaos. Under the powerful auras exuded by the bodies of the Song Devils, these participants that used to show signs of insanity due to the atmosphere of the Hundred Empire Forest seemed to have awaken. They knew that this battleground did not belong to them…

Lin Dong’s gaze landed upon the three black figures who were standing upright on the distant huge boulder. The gazes of the Song Zhen trio landed upon Lin Dong and his counterparts as well. A weird smile slowly rose upon their faces.

“Clap clap!”

Under the attentive gazes of the onlookers, Song Zhen clapped his hands lightly and smiled, “You must be Lin Dong. Regardless, your courage impresses me. If not for our inheritances, I might have made friends with you.”

“I’m afraid I’m not worthy of that,” Lin Dong smiled plainly. Apparently, he had sensed the mocking tone in Song Zhen’s words.

“That’s true, those who are about to die are indeed not worthy. Lin Dong, don’t assume that you are qualified to act flamboyant in front of my Sky Devil Empire just because you have some fame. To put it bluntly, you are not even qualified at all,” Song Que replied indifferently.

“Hehe, your tone is even much more arrogant than mine,” Little Marten smirked as a smile rose upon his handsome face.

Song Que’s eyes froze. Suddenly, he shot a piercing-cold stare at Little Marten and pointed his index finger outwards. Immediately, a spiralling gale whizzed out of his finger like a lightning and surged towards Little Marten with a terrifying speed.

However, Little Marten did not show any signs of dodging upon seeing Song Que’s incoming attack. Before the powerful spiralling gale reached within ten feets of Little Marten, it automatically disappeared. This scene sent a shiver down many people’s spines.

“It’s a disgrace to play such a trick in front of Grandpa Marten. If you really want to court death, get down now. Grandpa Marten has never heard of your bullshit Sky Devil Empire!” Little Marten sneered as he stared at Song Que with chilliness surging through his eyes.

“You’re courting death!”

Song Que went into a rage of a sudden. Boundless Yuan Power and killer intent pervaded the air abruptly, making the surrounding onlookers to tremble in fear. Both parties were harsh towards each other. In their conversations, there were no signs of giving way to each other. Clearly, both parties were prepared to fight each other.

“Hehe, you are the first person that dares to scold my Sky Devil Empire in such a way,” Song Zhen chuckled. However, everyone could sense the anger that was concealed behind his chuckle.

“Each time we encounter a super empire with a superiority complex, they always have to spurt out a bunch of nonsense first.”

Lin Dong could not help but heave a sigh. Following which, under numerous attentive gazes, he reached out his finger and pointed it at Song Zhen. Then, he spoke with a calm tone, “Let’s start fighting. Otherwise, surrender your Nirvana Seal and get lost!”