Wu Dong Qian Kun (Chapter 301-Chapter 400)

Wu Dong Qian Kun

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Heavenly Silkworm Potato

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Wu Dong Qian Kun (Chapter 301-Chapter 400)

Chapter 301: Provocation at the Door

* * *

Quite some changes had occurred to the current Little Flame’s body. The blood colored scales that densely covered its body flickered with a weak blood light and faintly gave off traces of a fiendish aura.

Moreover, there were some strange patterns on the blood colored scales which condensed into the outline of a dragon. The python tail on its back sinisterly hissed, blood colored energy undulating and gathering at its mouth. The eerie fangs within the python’s mouth also caused one to feel a chill.


Blood light pervaded the air around Little Flame as it raised its head to the sky and roared. A blood light immediately spread out from its body in a ring shape, directly jolting the lake and causing countless huge water pillars to burst out.

“Heh, this stupid tiger. It dares to be so arrogant after merely forming a Demonic Spirit!” Upon seeing Little Flame’s appearance, Little Marten could not help but laugh weirdly.

Just as Little Marten’s words fell, Little Flame front paw stepped forward, the python tail covered all over in blood colored scales directly bursting forward. Its body swiftly extended as a blood light spurted out, viciously shooting towards Little Marten.

“Stupid tiger, do you really think that you can contend against grandpa marten after consuming the blood bat dragon’s blood power? When grandpa marten was at his peak, even if you give grandpa marten this kind of blood bat dragon to eat, it would be beneath grandpa marten’s dignity!” Upon seeing Little Flame attack, Little Marten disdainfully chuckled. Casually waving its claw, a purplish black light screen formed in front of and easily deflected the blood light.

“Alright, stop fighting.” When he saw this scene, Lin Dong helplessly shook his head and could only shout out.

Hearing Lin Dong’s shout, Little Flame released a somewhat warning low growl at Little Marten. After forming a Demonic Spirit, its intelligence had clearly risen by quite a lot. Although it still could not compare to humans or the cunning Little Marten, it now possessed basic intelligence, and as it gradually cultivates in future, its intelligence would become the same as humans.

“Kid what do you plan to do now?” Little Marten lazily asked.

“It’s naturally time to find some trouble.” Lin Dong grinned and said, his smile tinged with a little viciousness. Teng Lei had actually wanted to leave him for death this time, this grudge combined with Lin Dong’s character meant that he would naturally not so easily let it go.

Moreover, the ‘Devouring Ancestral Symbol’ was hidden within the Ghastly Puppet Cult, and he was completely unfamiliar with its location. Since Teng Lei’s position in the Ghastly Puppet Cult was clearly not low, if he was captured, Lin Dong would be able to obtain this important information.

“You’re going to find Teng Lei?” Upon hearing this, Little Marten’s eyes light up. Now that its strength had risen substantially, it wanted to show off its might.

“Yea, during the last two days you were cultivating, I’ve gathered some information. After Teng Lei left the Great Desolate Ancient Plains, he has remained in Great Puppet City.” Lin Dong softly chuckled as he spoke.

“That old fogey called Hua Gu should be there too right? Heh, that old fogey, taking advantage of when grandpa marten was weak to actually injure me previously. If we meet this time, I will definitely make sure that old fogey torn into two!” Little Marten let out a strange laughter and declared.

“That old fogey will naturally also not be so easily let off!” Lin Dong icily laughed. Since it was an enemy, he would not show the slightest bit of mercy.

Great Puppet City was considered as one of the more important branches of the Ghastly Puppet Cult, and there were many strong practitioners within it. However, the current Lin Dong was not the least bit afraid. After all, just his current strength alone was enough to easily kill an advanced Qi Creation stage practitioner. Adding in Little Marten and Little Flame whose powers had soared, unless the Ghastly Puppet Cult had a Manifestation stage practitioner in Great Puppet City, they would definitely not offer the even the tiniest bit of resistance against Lin Dong.

“Go, this time we have a grudge to pay!”

Lin Dong heartily laughed. Without further ado, his figure flashed as he flipped onto the tiger’s back. With a wave of his hand, Little Flame’s blood wings extended, bringing with it strong winds as it transformed into a blood light and flew outside the mountain range like a flash of lightning.

Now was the time to make that scoundrel Teng Lei pay his debts!


Great Puppet City, Ghastly Puppet Cult branch.

In a hall, several Ghastly Puppet Cult practitioners gathered, and at their front was Teng Lei. To his left and right were some Ghastly Puppet Cult elders and Hua Gu was also among them.

“Hehe, I heard that young cult leader has obtained a grade nine martial art in the ancient tablet space this time. It truly makes one envious.” In the hall, an elder smiled towards Teng Lei, the former’s smile flavored with a little flattery.

Upon hearing this, a smile also surfaced on Teng Lei’s face. Grade nine martial art. Even in their entire Ghastly Puppet Cult, it could be considered as top tier. The fact that he had obtained it this time would undoubtedly be an extreme upgrade to his strength.

“I heard that lucky bastard Lin Dong actually obtained a Manifestation level martial art. How can that kind of martial art be something a younger generation member can touch. If we compare martial art talent, he is not even worthy of helping young cult master wear his shoes.” Another middle aged man opened his mouth to comment.

When he heard these words, Teng Lei’s smile became slightly weaker. This was a name he truly hated to the bone. Not only was the high class Symbol Puppet, which should have been his, snatched away, Lin Dong had also unexpectedly obtained a Manifestation martial art. These incidents truly made Teng Lei feel a little suffocated in his heart.

“Humph, that little piece of crap, he is fortunate that he died in the ancient tablet space, or else, this old man would definitely suffer till he begs for death!” Hua Gu’s expression was sinister as he venomously said.

“No need to be mad elder Hua Gu, that kid is already a dead man.” Teng Lei coldly laughed. That day, he had closed the crack in space and left Lin Dong in the ancient tablet space. He believed that given the mysterious skeleton’s strength, even if Lin Dong had god-like luck, he would definitely not have any way to survive.

“We had unexpectedly discovered that underground palace during this ancient tablet space trip. It’s a pity that the guardians was too powerful. When we return to headquarters, I will report this matter to father, and when the ancient tablet space opens once again, I must definitely gather all the strong practitioners and enter the ancient tablet space!” Teng Lei regretfully remarked. The underground treasure hoard was enough to make big factions like theirs go crazy.

Within the underground palace was an extremely huge amount of Pure Yuan pills and Nirvana pills. If their Ghastly Puppet Cult was able to obtain this, their strength would definitely soar. At that time, even surpassing the four great clans would not be impossible!

When they heard Teng Lei’s words, the people below immediately responded. For a time, flattery filled the entire hall…

“Teng Lei, your friend is here to visit, you’ better haul your ass out here for young master!”