Wu Dong Qian Kun (Chapter 201-Chapter 300)

Wu Dong Qian Kun

(Martial Universe)



Heavenly Silkworm Potato

(Tian Can Tu Dou)


Wu Dong Qian Kun (Chapter 201-Chapter 300)

Chapter 201: Drawing Thunder to Temper the Body

* * *


Lin Dong stood on the summit of a mountain with a somewhat stiff expression as he stared at the frantically flickering lightning that snaked through the skies. Under the skies that were densely covered with lightning clouds, his figure was as negligible as an ant.

Lightning streaked across the horizon, some of it landing in the vast forest, turning the tall trees to coal in an instant. Threads of black smoke rose up to the clouds, a sight that caused Lin Dong’s heart to beat rapidly.

“Oh, not bad. Just right for cultivating the Great Sun Thunder Body.” Little Marten floated by Lin Dong’s side as it gazed at the black lightning clouds in the sky and heartlessly said.

In response, the corners of Lin Dong’s eyes could do nothing but twitch. He turned around to look at Little Flame, who had hidden itself a far distance away, and could not help but silently curse: “Useless thing…”

“Alright, time to start kid…” Little Marten took no notice of Lin Dong incessant complaints, as it waved its claws before withdrawing and creating a certain distance between it and Lin Dong. From the looks of it, it was also afraid of being struck by lightning.

Upon seeing these two cowards competing to see who could flee the furthest, Lin Dong could only grit his teeth and say: “If I get struck to death by lightning, my ghost will not let you off!”

“Don’t worry, you won’t be struck to death, at most you will be heavily injured.” Little Marten kindly ‘consoled’.

Lin Dong rolled his eyes and finally gave up all thoughts of resistance. Accepting his fate, he sat on the edge of the mountaintop and looked down upon the vast forests below. He deeply exhaled as his expression slowly turned solemn.

Although drawing lightning into the body was favorable for cultivating the Great Sun Thunder Body, it was also a huge risk. Lightning was after all overly violent. If one was not careful, one would not have a pleasant fate.

With regards to the so-called danger and suffering, though Lin Dong constantly argued with Little Marten, when the time really came, he did not intend to retreat at all. His cultivation over the years has already polished his willpower to the extreme.

Seated on the ground, Lin Dong grasped onto the Ancient Heavenly Scales Halberd which appeared in his hand. He lifted his head and fixed his eyes on the flickering silver snakes in the sky. A long time later, his arm suddenly shook as a Yuan Power light beam suddenly shot out from the tip of the halberd, passing by numerous lightning snakes in the sky before hitting one of the thinnest lightning snakes.

Lin Dong very clearly understood that rice needed to be eaten one mouthful at a time. Thus he did not chose the lightning that was even thicker than his thigh, but instead first found a smaller one…

However, even if it was such a tiny lightning snake, its might was obviously not to be looked down upon.


As the Yuan Power light beam hit that lightning snake, an explosion immediately sounded out in the skies. Like a gigantic snake which had been roused, the lightning almost instantaneously revealed its sinister fangs. It flickered as it curled around the Yuan Power beam, transforming into dazzling light which swiftly rushed towards Lin Dong, who was seated on the mountaintop.

As he gazed at the lightning bolt that was rapidly growing in his eyes, Lin Dong inhaled deeply as golden Yuan Power hastily enshrouded his body.

The lightning was exceptionally quick as it swept forth. With a loud bang, it ruthlessly bombarded Lin Dong’s body.


A bright and eye dazzling thunderbolt exploded forth at the mountain top. Just as that lightning bolt reached his body, Lin Dong’s body began to tremble violently. It was as if his whole body has been violently pounded by a ten-thousand pound hammer, and every bones and muscle in his body began to release an squeaking sound due to that overwhelming force.

“Squeak squeak!”

That thunderbolt was just like thousands of microscopic lightning sparks, as they surrounding around Lin Dong’s body and directly melted into the golden Yuan Power undulated on his body. Then, they entered into his body through every pore on his skin.

As that electricity flowed into his body, a violent pain suddenly erupted in his body. Every cell in his body, seemed to have shrink due to that violent stimulation!


A vigorous pain spread through every crevice of his body, until eventually a deep and pained growl was released from Lin Dong’s throat, as he heavily slammed his fists on the ground ahead of him, causing cracks to emerge on that solid mountain boulder.

“Hurry up and activate Great Sun Thunder Body!”

Just as Lin Dong’s body was seemingly about to ignite, Little Marten’s voice swiftly sounded out beside his ears.

When he heard Little Marten’s voice, Lin Dong quickly recovered his senses. As he forcefully endured that extremely painful burning sensation inside his body, he began to activate Great Sun Thunder Body.

As he activated Great Sun Thunder Body, a golden glow began to slowly spread out

across his body, before it managed to counter against that violent lightning bolt that was invading his body.

Gold and silver colour was now intersecting inside Lin Dong’s body. As gold and silver mixed together, it seemed extremely beautiful.

Even though activating Great Sun Thunder Body was definitely helpful, right now Lin Dong’s entire body was completely numb. In fact, he could even hear the cells inside his body begin to cry. The power of the lightning bolt was too violent and it was extremely harmful towards his body. Without taking special measures, it would be suicide to draw lightning bolt to temper one’s body…

Thankfully, Lin Dong was not planning to commit suicide. Rather, since he possessed Great Sun Thunder Body, with regards to the violent power of a lightning bolt, he still had some means of resistance.

“Buzz buzz!”

On top of the mountain, the lightning bolt turned into a hedgehog like glow and wrapped around Lin Dong’s body. In a near thirty-meter radius, a “lightning-snake” crawled across the ground, as microscopic explosive sounds continuously echoed forth. Even some debris rocks were directly blown into dust.

When they saw this sight, standing far away, Little Marten and Little Flame quickly retreated even further. As Demonic Beasts, they were always somewhat fearful of the power of nature…

As that lightning sparks flashed, within the lightning bolt, a golden glow could be faintly seen. Even though it was faint, it was becoming stronger at a gradual rate. As that golden glow became stronger, that forceful lighting spark actually began to gradually fuse with that golden glow…

“It’s taking effect!”

When the first lightning spark fused with Great Sun Giant Body, Lin Dong’s spirits were suddenly lifted, as he hurriedly tried to absorb this first trace of Yuan Power into his body.

“Chi Chi!”

When that first trace of Yuan Power surfaced in his body, the cells and flesh inside his body, which had now shrivelled up after being excited by that violent thunderbolt, was once again revived as they greedily consumed that trace of Yuan Power fused with lightning.

When this trace of combination Yuan Power was absorbed by the cells, flesh and organs inside his body, Lin Dong instantly felt that the numbness in his body began to gradually dissipate.