Wu Dong Qian Kun (Chapter 901-Chapter 1000)

Wu Dong Qian Kun

(Martial Universe)



Heavenly Silkworm Potato

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Wu Dong Qian Kun (Chapter 901-Chapter 1000)

Chapter 901: Rescue

* * *


A hurried rushing wind noise suddenly sounded over the calm surface of the sea. A scarlet red light flew rapidly approached from far away, before it once again took off at an astonishing shocking speed. Due to its great speed, clear traces of passage had appeared on the surface of the sea below.

Bang bang!

Soon after this scarlet red light appeared, an earthshaking rumbling sound was emitted from behind. Hundreds of bloody lights appeared. Numerous savage Blood Sharks broke out of the water, and frantically chased the scarlet red light in front of them.

This fleeing and chasing also caused the usually calm sea surface to become extremely lively.

“Cut them off and stop them!”

Commander Xia’s eyes were maliciously cold as he watched the scarlet red light frantically galloping away. His eyes were filled with fury, as a low roar, which was filled with viciousness, was emitted from his mouth.

This mission of theirs was very important. If Mu Lingshan managed to escape and return to the Immortal Sage Whale Clan, it would definitely stir a monstrous wave. At that time, in the face of the fury of the Immortal Sage Whale Clan, even their Blood Demon Shark Clan would have a huge headache.

Hence, they must not allow her to escape no matter what!

The coldness in commander Xia’s eyes became even more intense as he thought of this. He stood on the Blood Shark, as blood light surged out from within body. Immediately, the eyes of the Blood Shark turned red. Its speed soared as it turned into a blood arrow that rapidly caught up to the scarlet red light in front.

“Spread out and get into formation, trap them!”

Commander Xia once again cried out sternly while giving chase. Those well trained Blood Demon Shark Clan members also scattered in an orderly fashion. They formed a semicircle shape that chased the scarlet red light glow in front of them.

Buzz buzz!

The change in the formation behind also attracted the attention of the scarlet red light. The large cauldron within it emitted a buzzing sound. In the next instant, the body of the cauldron suddenly paused and descended. After which, it charged into the sea.

“Fool, you are actually trying to compete with us, the Blood Demon Shark Clan, in terms of speed underwater?”

Commander Xia’s eyes turned cold as he saw this. The Blood Shark under his feet dived underwater. Their speed suddenly soared after entering the sea. Hundreds of water trials appeared on the surface of the sea, as they chased that scarlet red cauldron at an even more shocking speed.

“Truly troublesome.”

The scarlet red light cauldron quickly rushed through the sea. He involuntarily cursed quietly upon sensing the group closely chasing behind him. The glow of the large cauldron brightened, as its speed rapidly soared.

“Lin Dong, there are some reefs at the bottom of the sea to our front. It has a complicated terrain. We should be able to hide there.”

Yan’s voice suddenly sounded within Lin Dong’s mind as the latter controlled the Burning Sky Cauldron. The latter braced himself upon hearing this. It was too difficult to escape from these Blood Demon Sharks. They would catch up sooner or later at this rate.

The giant cauldron swiftly rushed passed. This continued for around ten minutes or so, before rows of reefs that were like undersea mountains appeared at the bottom of the sea to their front. A thought passed through Lin Dong’s mind, and the large cauldron took a couple of continuously turns. Finally, it swiftly shrunk at a blind spot. It turned into the size of a palm, and charged into a huge reef with a ‘plop’ sound.

Swoosh swoosh!

The school of Blood Sharks once again whistled passed from behind after the Burning Sky Cauldron shrunk and tunnelled into a reef. Finally, they swiftly faded into the distance. However, this did not last for long, before a group of Blood Sharks turned back. The one leading them was commander Xia. From their extremely ugly expressions, it was obvious that they had realised that they had lost their target.

“Search this reef area. They are definitely hiding here!”

Commander Xia roared furiously, as those experts from the Blood Demon Shark Clan hurriedly acknowledge the order. After which, they spread apart and began to carefully search the complicated terrain of this sea floor.

The glow of the scarlet red palm sized cauldron deep within a reef also started to dim while the search progressed. In the end, it had basically turned into a scarlet red rock. No fluctuation was emitted from it.

“Hopefully, we will not be discovered…”

After all the fluctuations from the Burning Sky Cauldron had faded, Lin Dong patted his hands and muttered to himself within the realm of the cauldron. There was a large number of people from the Blood Demon Shark Clan. Not only was there an advance Profound Life stage expert, but there were ten people who had reached the initial Profound Life Stage. Even Lin Dong would have some difficulty dealing with such a lineup.

“Big brother, thank you for rescuing me.”

The laughing voice of a little girl was suddenly transmitted from behind Lin Dong. He turned his head, only to see Mu Lingshan sitting down on that enormous black ‘door plate’ of hers. This scene looked rather unusual.

Lin Dong’s gaze paused on the black ‘door plate’ that Mu Lingshan sat on, as his eyes slightly focused. It was possible for him to vaguely detect a relatively frightening fluctuation from it. It was obvious that this ‘door plate’ like thing was an extremely powerful Pure Yuan treasure.

“It is likely the coffin cover of the Life Death Coffin…” Yan suddenly spoke.

“Life Death Coffin? Coffin cover?” Lin Dong was slightly startled, he had never heard of them before.

“It is an extremely powerful treasure that has been passed down from ancient times. Back then, it was ranked highly even amongst those special treasures… however, she only has the Life Death Coffin Cover in her hands. Even so, it is still be possible to use ‘Death Qi’ attacks. This is equivalent to the techniques of a Profound Death stage expert.” Yan explained.

“What a powerful treasure.” Lin Dong was startled. He did not expect that just the cover of a coffin was already so powerful. No wonder it was highly ranked even during ancient times. However, the moment he thought of how such a delicate and small little girl was swinging such a large coffin cover to smack others, he began to feel that it would be an exceptionally comical and interesting scene.

Lin Dong quietly sighed in his heart. After which, his eyes looked towards Mu Lingshan, as he smiled and asked, “Are you alright?”

“Yes.” Mu Lingshan grinned and nodded. At this moment, her face had once again recovered its rosiness, and the earlier paleness had completely disappeared. This caused Lin Dong to be a little surprised. The recovery ability of this little girl was actually even more frightening than his own, despite him having practised the Green Heaven Materialised Dragon Skill. She had just suffered a full force attack from an advance Profound Life stage expert after all.

“Those hateful stinking sharks. If it was not for their elder’s seal, all of them can forget about escaping today!” Mu Lingshan proclaimed furiously.

The corners of Lin Dong’s eyes twitched. He could sense an extremely obscure and powerful fluctuation within Mu Lingshan’s body. However, this fluctuation seemed to be suppressed by something.