Wu Dong Qian Kun (Chapter 1001-Chapter 1100)


Mo Luo surveyed the surrounding sky. He beckoned with his hand and a bright red light shot out from it. It quickly turned into a hundred thousand feet large huge bright red mirror. The surface of the mirror rippled, revealing an extensive green mountainous land. There was actually another world inside this mirror.

“This is the Immeasurable Mirror of my Flame Divine Hall and has a realm within it. At the same time, it will also be the venue of the competition. There is a mountain within it known as Immeasurable Mountain. That place will be your final battlefield.”

The hundred thousand feet large mirror rippled after Mo Luo’s voice sounded. A majestic and enormous mountain stood like a pillar supporting the sky.

“The Thunderbolt Ancestral Symbol is at the peak of Immeasurable Mountain!”

The huge mountain tore through the clouds. One could see lightning flashing at the peak of the mountain, and an ancient symbol was partially visible. At the same time, a majestic and ancient fluctuation was emitted from it.

Countless gazes focused on the ancient symbol as the eyes of many became red with excitement while their breathing grew heavier.

All of them understood the great power of an Ancestral Symbol. As long as one managed to obtain the Thunderbolt Ancestral Symbol, one would surely be able to reach Mo Luo’s position with time!

“There are ten peaks on Immeasurable Mountain. Each peak has a seal. Only the ten people who obtained this peak seal will possess the qualifications to ascend Immeasurable Mountain. In other words, only the ten strongest individuals will have the qualifications to fight for the Thunderbolt Ancestral Symbol!”

Lin Dong was speechless. The number of experts who had come here was as great as the sea. Amongst them, many had likely hidden their skills. Yet, only ten people were qualified to ascend Immeasurable Mountain. The competition was really harsh.

“My introduction ends here.”

Mo Luo smiled. Soon after, his low and deep shout boomed like a war drum.

“I shall announce that the Lightning Competition has begun!”


The atmosphere in this place seemed to suddenly explode at this moment. Roars resounded in the sky as red eyed figures swarmed forth. Finally, they seemed to cover the sky as they charged into the hundred thousand feet large light like a swarm of locust!

This was a sight that would make one’s blood boil.

“Big brother Lin Dong, Lingshan, do your best!” Gu Ya smilingly cheered. Her small face was flushed red due to the atmosphere.


Lin Dong nodded. He lifted his head and looked at the beautiful lady standing in the distant sky while holding a fire phoenix long spear. The latter turned her head and faintly grinned at him. Subsequently, her hand lifted the hair that had landed on her chest as her lovely figure moved and she turned into a ray of light which shot towards the mirror.

A lovely laughter was transmitted into Lin Dong’s ear as she rushed forward.

“Lin Dong, do not fall too far behind. I will not give you any considerations.”

Lin Dong laughed. A heroic spirit rose in his heart and he ceased hesitating.

“Lingshan, let’s go!”

Mu Lingshan smilingly nodded. She hugged with her hands and a huge black coffin cover appeared. Next, both of them swept forth at the same time and merged with the human crowd that seemingly covered the sky and land as they charged into the light mirror.

This grand event had finally begun.

Chapter 1004 - Blood Decapitation Guard

* * *

This was a seemingly boundless green mountain range. Verdant and luscious greenery covered the vast ground below while giant and tall mountains stood tall just like giants. Occasionally, ear splitting beast roars could be heard. It was a place that was brimming with life.


A loud sound suddenly rang out within this peaceful and vast domain as a giant opening that seemingly split the sky appeared. Countless light figures rained down just like a storm and landed on the vast and boundless green mountain range. These uninvited guests caused the originally peaceful and tranquil mirror domain to flare and churn immediately…


At a certain spot in this vast land, two light figures flashed and appeared. From their appearances, they were Lin Dong and Mu Lingshan.

Once the two of them appeared, their eyes continuously scanned their surrounding with curiosity. Following which, an astounded expression appeared within Lin Dong’s eyes as he said with a smile, “I never thought that the Flame Divine Hall would also have a Pure Yuan Treasure that contains its own spatial realm…”

This so-called Immeasurable Mirror was clearly similar to his Burning Sky Cauldron. Both of them had naturally formed spaces within them. The only difference was that the space within the former was filled with life and vitality, while the latter was a scarlet red earth, akin to a desert.

“There are so many people…” Raising her head, Mu Lingshan opened her eyes wide to look at the countless light figures in the sky, appearing akin to a gorgeous fireworks display, before speaking out rather excitedly.

“True, there is plenty of them…” Lin Dong replied with a smile. Raising his hand, a light seal appeared on his palm. That was something that automatically appeared after he entered the Immeasurable Mirror. Generally speaking, if one were to meet with danger in this place, as long as one shattered the light seal in one’s hand, one would automatically be transferred out of the Immeasurable Mirror. Naturally, if that occurred, one would also forfeit one’s qualifications to vie for the Thunderbolt Ancestral Symbol.

Not long after they landed, other light figures continuously descended in their surrounding vicinity. In the next moment, after shooting a vigilant gaze at Lin Dong and Mu Lingshan, without further ado, their bodies flashed as they rushed towards the boundless green mountain.

“Let’s make a move too.”

Lin Dong spoke out with a smile. He was able to feel that the Yuan Power in this world had begun to churn restlessly as countless experts flooded into this space. Clearly, there were quite a few fights erupting here. Ultimately, there was only one Thunderbolt Ancestral Symbol. This meant that the final victor could only be a single person. Therefore… the absolute majority of participants were competitors.

“Let’s go.”

Lin Dong said with a low roar, his body transforming into a green streak of light and shooting out. Behind him, a petite little figure rapidly followed suit. In the next moment, the two of them had rushed into an extensive primitive forest and headed towards the centre of this space. That was also where Immeasurable Mountain was situated, the location of the final battlefield.

As experts rushed within this space like a swarm of locusts, the atmosphere with clearly turned extremely fiery and explosive. Countless large and small scale fights erupted simultaneously. Instantly, the smell of explosives seemed to flood the air within the space.

Furthermore, besides those intruders, there were also quite a few tyrannical demonic beasts in this area. Therefore, not only does one have to contend with other competitors, they had to be wary against those violent demonic beasts hiding within the boundless green mountain…

Lin Dong and Mu Lingshan rapidly travelled through the forest pervaded with boundless aura. Along the way, they witnessed more than a hundred battles taking place. Nonetheless, the two of them did not stop. After all, they had to reach Immeasurable Mountain in the quickest time possible, and capture the so-called mountain peak seal in order to gain the qualifications to climb Immeasurable Mountain.