Heavenly Jewel Change Volume 7 (Chapter 55-Chapter 105)

Heavenly Jewel Change Volume 7 (Chapter 55-Chapter 105)

Tang Jia San Shao

Chapter 55 Consolidating Equipment Master Followers (1)

One hour later, both Zhou Weiqing and Ming Hua were standing in the Principal’s office. Along with them were two others, one was the noble student who first had his buttocks pierced by Zhou Weiqing’s arrow, while the other was the class teacher of the noble student class.

At the moment, the only sound was the noble student’s moans. Perhaps because this fellow had been struck in such a position, he had gotten relatively lucky during the beating earlier, as no one else touched him. At least, he had gotten off without any other bruises or broken bones.

Principal Cai Cai’s expression was her usual calm, and her expression was unreadable. “Alright, tell me what went on?”

The noble student immediately cried out: “Principal, it’s him! He instigated those commoner bastards to beat us up! And…and… he … he used an arrow to shoot my buttocks… he shot it all the way in… so deep!”

As soon as he said that, not just Cai Cai, Ming Hua and the noble class teacher’s faces changed, even Zhou Weiqing’s face twitched as he held in laughter.

Zhou Weiqing thought to himself in his heart: Bro, please do not say it in such a misleading manner… what shot it all the way in…

“Get out!” An angry light sparked in Cai Cai’s eyes and she said solemnly.

The noble student wanted to say something else, but was quickly forced out by his class teacher.

Silence fell upon the entire office, so much so that even a pin dropped would have been heard. Cai Cai turned her gaze to Zhou Weiqing and said: “I never expected that we would meet so soon again, Zhou Weiqing. Speak then, what happened.”

Zhou Weiqing used his sleeve to wipe his ‘tears’ as he said mournfully: “Principal, you must give us commoner students justice! You’ve heard that senior calling us commoner bastards… you can see what kind of attitude they have towards us. At that time, we were listening to Teacher Ming Hua’s instructions to run around the main square’s running track. At first, there was no issues, but all of a sudden, the seniors suddenly shot an arrow at one of our classmate. Even then, we did retaliate, and I even returned him the arrow. Who knew that the seniors suddenly said that moving targets are more fun than a set target. After that, they started shooting at us. I have to admit my mistake after that; as the class monitor, I needed to protect my classmates, as such I braved the arrow rain to argue with that. Who knew that the seniors said I was inciting trouble and starting beating me until I fell down. Under such circumstances, my classmates ran over to try and stop the fight, but was also beaten by the seniors. Alas, I have to say that these seniors do not have good physiques, although they were beating us up, they even fell down. Of course, I also have to admit that when we were being beaten, some of us resisted in self defence. Luckily, Teacher Ming Hua returned at the right time, otherwise I’m afraid…”

As he said that, our Class Monitor Zhou started sobbing, tears streaming down his cheeks. If the noble class teacher hadn’t seen the injuries on his students, he might have even believed Zhou Weiqing.

Cai Cai looked towards Ming Hua and the male teacher and said: “Ming Hua, Wu Zhengyang, what about you two? What happened? As teachers, why weren’t you there during class, allowing the two classes to fight?! Such a terrible situation has never happened in all the long history of our academy!”

Ming Hua lowered her head, with an aggrieved, wrong expression on her face, but did not say anything. Zhou Weiqing quickly said: “Principal, you cannot blame Teacher Ming Hua for that. Her ‘Aunty’ [1. Slang in China for period] came, and she had to go to the toilet. You know…”

Ming Hua and Cai Cai both flushed red, both glaring at him angrily. Cai Cai said angrily: “Why do you know everything huh? You get lost too!”

Zhou Weiqing quickly said: “Wait a minute, Principal. How about this? Although this situation isn’t our class’ fault, the noble seniors were still injured. I will pay all their medical fees, and will also bear all the punishment. Please do not punish my classmates, after all they were only dragged into the matter to save me. I’ll also pay for my classmates’ medical fees.” As he said that, he placed a wooden box containing a set of Mid Level Consolidating Equipment Scrolls on the table. He then gave a polite bow towards Cai Cai before leaving the office.

The male teacher, Wu Zhengyang, furrowed his brow and said: “Principal, I have also looked into the situation and understood what happened simply. This situation is indeed started by my students, and it is their fault for starting it. However, these commoner students are indeed too savage. Out of the over forty students in my class, more than twenty have bones broken, and a few of them were severely injured. Even if they were in the wrong, there was no need to be so savage. The words of that student cannot be believed, when I reached the main square, although the commoner students seemed miserable, but their wounds were not serious at all. In the end, all of them managed to walk off themselves, while my students had to be carried away.”

Ming Hua gave a cold laugh and said: “Teacher Wu, are you trying to say that my students should have been carried away, both sides to the point of death, before the situation is fair?!”

Wu Zhengyang said angrily: “Ming Hua, do not try to obscure the matter! Even if this situation has a wrong-doer, it is on both sides! Furthermore, my students have taken such a loss and injuries! All of them are from noble families, and if this isn’t handled properly, it might give our academy a bad reputation.”

“Enough…” Cai Cai interrupted Wu Zhengyang, saying passively: “I have already heard enough. Here is my decision.”

Both Ming Hua and Wu Zhengyang immediately had a stern expression on their faces.

Cai Cai said sternly: “The noble student who started everything with the first arrow shall be expelled from the academy. As for the rest of the noble students, they will be given a big warning mark. If they break any other school rules, they will not be given another chance and expelled instantly. As for Zhou Weiqing, he will also be given a warning mark. As for the rest of the commoner class one, they will be given a scolding.”

“What? Principal, that is not fair!” Wu Zhengyang cried out angrily: “My students’ wounds are so heavy, yet their punishment is heavier! Principal, you…”

A cold light flashed in Cai Cai’s eyes and she said coldly: “Wu Zhengyang, are you questioning my decision? Yesterday, Dean Xiao gave the order for the noble students not to touch the commoner students, and even gave a serious warning to their heads. Yet, today this happened. What does that mean? It means that these noble students aren’t taking us seriously. If we do not deal with them seriously, where will our authority be? Since you already said that the matter started with your student, then what else is there to say? Furthermore, Ming Hua had a reason to not be there… but what about you? What is your reason for not being with your students during class times? If you were there, would this have happened? You now have two choices, the first is to take a pay cut for a year, and be investigated by the academy. The other is, I will allow you to tender your resignation.”

When she said those words, Cai Cai’s tone was stern and resolute, a cold light dancing in her eyes.

Wu Zhengyang’s face changed quickly, and he finally said weakly: “As per Principal’s instructions.”