Heavenly Jewel Change Volume 7 (Chapter 208-Chapter 258)

Heavenly Jewel Change Volume 7 (Chapter 208-Chapter 258)

Chapter 208 Heavenly Bow Empire Battle Team! (1)

“Xue’er, could you please invite everyone over for a meeting.” After setting his resolve, Zhou Weiqing naturally needed to settle everything here before he could leave for the Tournament.

Tian’er looked at his expression and instantly knew what he was thinking. “Little Fatty, you must definitely bring me along. Do not worry, I will be fine. As the saying goes, when one marries a chicken, then one will follow the chicken. If one marries a dog, then one will follow the dog. I am now considered a member of the Heavenly Bow Empire, and it is natural that I play a part as well.”

Zhou Weiqing did not reject her, nodding as he said: “That is natural, no matter where I go, I will definitely bring you along.” However in his heart, he added one more line that he did not speak out loud. As for whether or not you fight, that is another matter.

In about an hour, the upper echelons of the Heavenly Bow Empire had gathered into the governor’s mansion grand hall.

Ming Yu was the last to enter the hall, and when Zhou Weiqing saw him, he was startled. This handsome and suave Fei Li God General was looking extremely shabby, clearly haggard and exhausted, his attire in disarray and unshaven face. However, his eyes were lit up, clearer than they had ever been, showing his spirits were extremely high.

“Weiqing, why have you called us so urgently? I was in the midst of reorganizing and incorporating the forces Lady Xiao had brought to us.” As soon as Ming Yu sat down beside Zhou Weiqing, he asked.

These few days, Zhou Weiqing had thrown off all the responsibilities and had been leading a relaxed life. However, for Ming Yu, as the First Vice Commander and overall director of the Heavenly Bow Empire forces, his job was extremely difficult and onerous. Although the others could help him share some responsibilities, the absolute trust Zhou Weiqing had in him, as well as the absolute power in commanding the army was something that Ming Yu had always wanted. Now that he finally had his chance, he had put his heart, mind and soul fully into the matter.

In the past, when he was in the Fei Li Empire, although he was considered a high ranking officer in the army, he just had too many restrictions upon him. Furthermore, the Fei Li Empire was already a powerhouse Empire, with its strength already there, and basically their only enemy was the WanShou Empire in the north. However, the Heavenly Bow Empire was very different. It could be said that they were starting from scratch, and to a military specialist and lover like Ming Yu, this was definitely an exciting challenge to meet. All his life, he had chased after this, and although it was extremely tiring, ever since he had come here, he had spent everyday leading a substantial and rich life. Being able to use all the he learned and knew, it was also a type of happiness.

Zhou Weiqing laughed heartily and said: “Bro Ming, you do not need to deal with everything personally. The most outstanding commanders do not need to handle every single matter personally, and they can trust in others to complete their tasks. Look, am I not a perfect example of that?”

Ming Yu couldn’t help but roll his eyes at that, saying: “If everyone does it like you, then when can we actually conquer the world?”

As soon as Ming Yu said that, the entire meeting hall fell silent, and everyone looked at him in shock.

Ming Yu realised that had spoken too much, and he gave an embarrassed chuckle, saying: “Our achievements are only limited by our daring. At least, thinking about it is one thing right. Anyway, my dear Supreme Commander, please hurry up and speak your mind. I still have many things to do.” Ever since they had recruited two new Regiments of soldiers, besides the position of Regiment Commander of the Peerless Regiment, Zhou Weiqing had also ‘risen rank’ to become the Supreme Commander of the current Heavenly Bow Empire forces. This was a rank that no one could steal from him, and Ming Yu was still only the Vice Commander.”

Zhou Weiqing swallowed hard before laughing once more, saying: “I have not misjudged you indeed. You truly have great ambitions! Alright, I will not waste all your time any longer, let me be direct. The Heaven’s Expanse Palace had sent word to invite our Heavenly Bow Empire to send a Battle Team to join the upcoming Heavenly Jewel Tournament. There is about one and a half months before the Heavenly Jewel Tournament begins.”

Hearing the words Heavenly Jewel Tournament, everyone’s eyes lit up, especially Lin TianAo, Xiao Yan and Crow, those who had joined the previous tournament and won the championship. It could be said that the previous tournament had forged them into what they currently were… not only giving them the confidence boost they sorely needed, but also giving them the chance to become one of the stronger powerhouses amongst the younger generation. It had also given them the honour and glory of a lifetime.

Originally, Ming Yu had been rather impatient, but as soon as he heard the words Heavenly Jewel Tournament, he perked up. “Of course, we definitely need to join that! Spreading the word… gaining reputation… nothing can beat having a good ranking in the Heavenly Jewel Tournament! It will greatly accentuate all our efforts! We must participate indeed. Supreme Commander, who are you planning to bring?”

The others also nodded rapidly. The Heavenly Jewel Tournament was of great fame and status in the entire mainland, and could be said to play a decisive role. It was perhaps second only to the ranking tournaments between the five Great Saint Lands, but in terms of actual influence, it surpassed even that. After all, the Heavenly Jewel Tournament was open to all Empires, and even ordinary citizens could view it… one could just imagine the influence and reputation it had.

Even Hua Feng, who was normally calm and unflurried, actually looked both agitated and excited. Looking at Zhou Weiqing, something glittered in his eyes as he said: “Little Wei, do you know? All these years, your father’s greatest wish was for our Heavenly Bow Empire to one day have the chance to participate in the Heavenly Jewel Tournament. Now, his wish has been fulfilled by you. Go… you do not have to worry about us here, leave it to us. Before you return, our Heavenly Bow Empire will never fall to any enemies.”

The other God Archers of the Heavenly Bow Unit also nodded in unison, their eyes filled with hope and anticipation as they looked at Zhou Weiqing. Because of the Shangguan Sisters and their relationship with him, it was without question that he would not be in danger in the Heaven’s Expanse Palace, and the current Zhou Weiqing was definitely outstanding amongst the younger generation, and even his cultivation level had already long caught up and was above average for his age. With him leading a battle team, the Heavenly Bow Empire could fight against any opponent without any worry, even if they met an opponent backed by a Great Saint Lands. Furthermore, Zhou Weiqing was one of the previous champions of the previous Heavenly Jewel Tournament. Although that had an element of luck in that victory, it was without question that the previous experience could only increase his chances of victory once more.

Zhou Weiqing nodded and said: “Since everyone has also agreed, then there should be no problem. Now, we need to decide who will be joining me in the Heavenly Jewel Tournament. According to the participation rules, any participants must be below the age of thirty. Bro Lin and Xiao Yan who joined me in the previous Tournament are no longer eligible to participate. Of course, I will be going, but besides myself, I have only confirmed one other person to join the Heavenly Jewel Tournament- Tian’er. Who else is willing to go with me?”