Heavenly Jewel Change Volume 7 (Chapter 157-Chapter 207)

Heavenly Jewel Change Volume 7 (Chapter 157-Chapter 207)

Tang Jia San Shao

Chapter 157 Arrival of the two powerful Tribes! (1)

“Come in.” Shen Ji said solemnly.

The tent flap raised, and a scout rushed in, kneeling down on a knee as he said urgently: “Legion Commander, Sir, reports have come in from the front that two of the WanShou Empire Regiments have already entered our borders. However, they have met up against an unknown force and both sides are in the midst of battle.”

Upon hearing such a news, Shen Ji started. “Outside force? Unknown? What could this force be? Where is it from?”

“I’m sorry sir, I do not know. These outsiders seem to be extremely valiant. They are currently in a defensive position, and even though they are facing two Regiments of the WanShou Empire, they actually haven’t been run over yet. Furthermore, they seem to have many large carts in tow… from the looks of it, they might be migrating.”

A sudden thought gripped Zhou Weiqing’s heart, and his expression changed as he cried out involuntarily: “Oh no! Could it be them?”

Right at that moment, a charming yet annoyed voice rang out from outside: “Get out of my way, or don’t blame me if I take you down.”

“Fei’er!” Zhou Weiqing no longer had time to care about Shen Ji, rushing out of the tent immediately, only to see Shangguan Fei’er trying to force her way in but being blocked by a group of Shen Ji’s personal guards. By now, she had already knocked out a few of them, and was making her way towards him.

Seeing Zhou Weiqing, Shangguan Fei’er immediately cried out urgently: “Little Fatty, things aren’t good. Ma Qun and Crow’s Tribes have reached our previous Peerless Battalion camp site to look for us, and they met the two vanguard Regiments of the WanShou Empire armies. Both sides have already started fighting. We just received word of this… quick, think of something.”

Zhou Weiqing’s guess had indeed been proven right, but he was definitely not happy about it as he furrowed his brow. This was two Regiments after all, and it was not a battleground they had prepared like in their previous fight, nor could they fight and retreat at the same time as in the previous case if they wanted to rescue the two tribes. Fighting to the end was the only choice if they wanted to rescue the two tribes. However, even dismissing the possibility of WanShou Empire reinforcement, just finishing off two entire WanShou Empire Regiments was definitely not an easy task.

After a brief moment of thought, a resolute look crossed Zhou Weiqing’s face. At the same time, Shen Ji had come out from the tent, motioning his personal guards to retreat before heading up to ask: “Battalion Commander Zhou, what is wrong?”

Zhou Weiqing replied solemnly: “The unknown forces being surrounded by the WanShou Empire forces you were speaking of in the report are my Peerless Battalion men. Legion Commander Shen Ji, can you please lend me five thousand war horses?”

Looking at Zhou Weiqing’s keen gaze, Shen Ji couldn’t help but feel surprised. Peerless Battalion men? Those unknown outside forces belonged to the Peerless Battalion? Driving carts? What was going on? Even more so, Zhou Weiqing was only borrowing war horses from him, not troops to make the rescue.

“Things are extremely urgent, legion Commander Shen Ji.” Zhou Weiqing prompted once more urgently.

All of a sudden, he had realised that it was truly impossible to not have warhorses. Even though his target for the Peerless Battalion soldiers was to gear them with Consolidated Wings, with their cultivation level, it was impossible for them to fly for long periods of time, even if all of them were equipped with it now. It looks like they would have to take care of this neglect and start to prepare warhorses for the entire Peerless Battalion.

Shen Ji furrowed his brow tightly and said: “Battalion Commander Zhou, it is no small matter to mobilize five thousand warhorses. Even for myself, I have to get permission from above.”

“Don’t you know, saving lives is like putting out a fire, urgency is of the utmost importance! What asking for permission bullshit. Let’s go.” Zhou Weiqing was extremely furious, pulling Shangguan Fei’er and turning to leave instantly, Wei Feng following closely behind as they rushed towards the Peerless Battalion.

The surrounding personal guards of Shen Ji couldn’t help but stare in shock, their eyes wide open. What kind of Battalion Commander was this? He even dared to scold the Legion Commander like that?

Shen Ji was also angered by Zhou Weiqing’s scolding, but he was after all a wise commander of an entire Legion, and he quickly calmed himself down. He immediately called for his warhorse, personally heading to the Northwest Army Headquarters to report the situation.

On the other side, as the three rushed towards the Peerless Battalion, Zhou Weiqing asked Wei Feng: “Old Wei, how many warhorses do we have?”

The entire internal affairs of the Peerless Battalion was handled by Wei Feng, and without hesitation he replied: “We have eighteen Ghost Demon Horses and around six hundred ordinary warhorses.”

Hearing those words, Zhou Weiqing was given a pleasant surprise: “So many?”

Wei Feng replied: “Originally, we managed to get over a hundred warhorses from the Sixteenth Regiment. Furthermore, after that, several times when Senior Mu En and Luo Ke Di went to requisition resources from the quartermaster, they managed to get warhorses a few times.

A few times? That was nearly five hundred more warhorses! The Scoundrel Rogue pair of the Heavenly Bow Unit truly lived up to their name!

“That’s great. When we return, immediately give the orders to prepare to move out. Of all the Main Companies, I want all Main Company Leaders, Ordinary Company Leaders, Vice Company Leaders, all officers to gather. All the Peerless Battalion soldiers with Consolidated Equipment Wings are also to gear up fully, with sufficient arrows and javelins, before gathering. We will be leaving as soon as they gear up. Big Bro Wei, I will personally lead them as a speedy vanguard, and I want you to lead the rest of them men to back us up as quickly as possible.”

In order to rush to the rescue of the Gold Crow Tribe and the Berserker Tribe, Zhou Weiqing could no longer sit and make a perfect plan with all details mapped out. Although he had wanted to train his newly replenished and equipped Peerless Battalion with a fight against the WanShou Empire armies, he had not expected the fight to come so soon and so urgently.

Wei Feng quickly agreed.

As soon as they returned to the Peerless Battalion, the orders were immediately passed down. The speed of gathering was extremely impressive, and it was barely fifteen minutes before all the warriors Zhou Weiqing had requested for were gathered.

After such a long period of training, these Ruffian soldiers were after all eager to fight, and by this time they were eager to test the fruits of their training. The older soldiers had already told the newer ones about how their Peerless Battalion’s fighting was always aimed at having zero losses. This was a great chance for them to make a fortune! This was especially true now, as before entering the battle times, the Northwest Armies had already made the announcement that once the battle started, a single Beastman soldier head was worth ten gold in bounty!

Zhou Weiqing stood in the central open space of the Peerless Battalion camp awaiting his men to gather.