Warlock of the Magus World (Chapter 1051-Chapter 1200)

“Of course not. Unless you want our journey to end here…” Leylin glanced at Cabadole, who was shocked at the bloodlust Bodach was exhibiting. A kind smile arose upon his face, “Don’t be afraid. Your uncle Bodach was just joking with you!”

“That joke isn’t funny at all!” Cabadole muttered, and his footsteps were intentionally faster as he ran to Leylin’s side.

“Tsk! Foolish people will always make more foolish choices…” Bodach turned away with contempt.

He shifted his attention to a huge arch made of white marble at Maxi City’s entrance, as well as the high city walls with elite warriors on top. His thieving instincts began to show themselves.

“Tsk tsk… I never thought a bunch of immigrants in Dreamscape would have this much wealth. Unfortunately, I’ll only need three periods of refining metal to loot this sort of city…”

“Be more careful and don’t make us more enemies!” Leylin clutched at his forehead, beginning to wonder if bringing the dragon along was the right decision.

“Maxi is governed by its own citizens, its officers and protectors being elected into office every hundred days at the outdoor square…” Cabadole was performing his job well, introducing Maxi City to Leylin and Bodach.

“Citizens? Them?” Leylin looked to the side of the road. The citizens Cabadole had mentioned could be seen by the gardens and marble fountain. They dressed themselves up tidily in white, their garb held up by a single ring on their shoulders. It made them look languid and comfortable.

Their derision for Cabadole and the like was obvious from their very gaze, arising from their souls or maybe even their genetics.

“Yes. They’re citizens of Maxi, with enough food and servants to attend to them…” Cabadole lowered his head. The reason these citizens could avoid work and yet enjoy food and servants was obvious; they were exploiting numerous tribes like the Redbud Flower Tribe.

Bluntly speaking, the environment here wasn’t the only reason for the terrible plight of the natives. It could be attributed to the citizens of Maxi as well.

Chapter 1054 – Parasite


Leylin looked at Cabadole, whose whole body was stretched taut like a little leopard, and petted his head. “What? Does the current situation leave you dissatisfied?”

“No. I just hope to obtain more strength in order to protect my clan,” Cabadole answered.

“What a clever answer!” Leylin praised him.

In his previous world, such extreme exploitation would long since have given rise to violent revolts. With so few ruling over so many, and so blatantly abusing their power at that, they would just be courting death.

Unfortunately, this was a world where extraordinary strength crushed everything else! Even though the minority was in power, exploiting their position atrociously, all the majority could do was crush their desires for revolution. After all, this minority possessed great military strength. The ones with the greatest power held the greatest authority. Strength was the truth.

“Get out of the way! Get out of the way!” At this moment, two rows of warriors dressed in black armour and held iron spears and shields darted onto the streets, moving the people to the sides of the road.

‘Hm? Even citizens won’t have this much authority. Could this be the government or some security officials?’ Leylin glanced at Cabadole next to him, but the boy was now trembling all over, and his lips seemed to turn darker in in his fear.

“No…” Cabadole bit at his lower lip, gritting out a few words, “The power of the government comes from the citizens, which is why this is impossible for them… The only possibility is the legendary Lord’s Envoy! There are many city-states like Maxi in this area, but they all have to bow down to the Lord’s Envoy lest they be destroyed.”

“Lord’s Envoy?” Leylin thought this phrase over, sensing the terror within the surrounding natives of Dreamscape. This terror had nothing to do with the higher or lower class, the rich or the poor. Even the citizens of Maxi who had been relaxed just moments before were the same as them.

‘The Lord of Calamity himself, that dream demon, should be the one with feudal power here. Are these soldiers of his armies?’ Leylin made a guess.

The Lords of Calamity weren’t alone. They had great numbers of subordinates that formed huge armies. When Dreamscape intersected with the real worlds, the other worlds in the astral plane would face nightmares in the form of the Lords of Calamity and their armies. Besides the Magus World and other large worlds, there were few who could resist their invasion.

However, Dreamscape weakened regularly. Even if a Lord of Calamity could take over an entire world, they would soon have to give up on it. If not for that, other worlds like the Purgatory World, Icy World, and Shadow World may not have been able to resist Dreamscape.

“They’re here! They’re here!” People at the front began to get restless, while Leylin and Bodach saw the ‘Lord of Calamity’ that had large numbers of people crowded around.

“Oh? So that’s how things are. No wonder these natives are so afraid…” What appeared in front of Leylin was a legion of high-energy beings similar to moths. The moths were extremely large, with some near three metres tall, and others at around a metre tall. They had even evolved to have forelimbs similar to human hands.

“This is the dream demon’s illusory moth army. Although they aren’t all that powerful, they’re pretty proficient in illusions and poisons…” As someone who knew this well, Bodach was now introducing them to Leylin. Still, unlike them this one-eyed dragon was obviously strong enough to wipe Maxi City out easily.

However, these Illusory Moths weren’t the main characters here. At their centre was a human.

Indeed, a human. This was a native of Dreamscape, with yellow skin and wavy hair. The red tattoos on her body indicated that she wasn’t from the Redbud Flower Tribe, but with a single look at her Cabadole quickly covered his mouth.

Most of the other citizens of Maxi did the same, stopping their impending shrieks of terror.

Escorted by the numerous Illusory Moths was a young native girl, with a beautiful, slender waist and a face full of vitality. However, her eyes were muddied and filled with a deathly aura, a white being laid down on her lush hair.

This being had a furry body, its two wings mottled in different colours. A large proboscis had pierced into the girl’s soul from in front of its large compound eyes, as if sucking something out.

Leylin could feel the majesty of laws from the body of this white mouth. Although it was only a trace aura, it represented the essence of what it had once been.

‘Is this some sort of backlash?’ Leylin sighed.

The Lord of Calamity in this region was an exceptionally large dream demon. Its body had rotted to form a huge piece of land, sustaining the lives of many natives.

This naturally wasn’t done out of pure goodwill. Even the most powerful Lords of Calamity in Dreamscape had to seal themselves up, fighting against the weakening dreamforce. Even if they did so they would be tormented by the destructive snow, sapped of their strength. Dream demons did something different. They used the their bodies to nourish a group of natives, splitting their truesouls and entering the dreams of all beings living in their territories. This would help them evade the destructive snow, allowing them to wait out the weakness of the World Origin Force.

Relying on the people’s dreams to preserve their life allowed dream demons to wield most of their strength even after being sealed. The inhabitants who were being protected would give up a portion of their soul force, in exchange obtaining a chance at survival. This was a trade that benefited both parties.

However, there were unexpected situations that could crop up. Although the dream demons carefully controlled their intake of power, they were still Lords of Calamity. If they were agitated by the natives’ dreams, and their absorption unknowingly increased, things would be disastrous.

Just 0.00000001% of the soul power of a dream demon could easily absorb all life from a native. Once the native died, these dream demons would also lose a body to attach themselves to, weakening rapidly as they awaited death.

Although this process was irreversible, there were still exceptions. If the dream demon realised in time that it had absorbed too much, the perfect control would repair the balance of the symbiotic relationship.

However, the native they were attached to would have been absorbed greatly, inclusive of their souls. They would become an empty husk.