Warlock of the Magus World (Chapter 1051-Chapter 1200)

Yet, this body that seemed more withered than a mummy’s was emitting an exceedingly terrifying aura, showing off the true power of a rank 8! It caused Leylin to turn serious, ‘His main laws should be calamity and decay.

‘I was wondering why he looked so strange. He seemed quite frail… So that was because of that seal?’ Leylin looked at his own palm. Although it had only made contact with Salilus through the bloodline sword, a layer of old and dead skin had already appeared on his hand, losing all lustre of life.

The power of decay within his palm was the most poisonous of curses, spreading unceasingly as it mixed with the strength of calamity.

‘Most rank 7 existences would find great trouble just dealing with this contamination…’ Leylin clenched his fists, and purplish-red flames emerged to burn the dead skin to nothingness. New vibrant skin grew out from the flames.


“Hehe… Salilus is truly angry now! That’s good. Let me see what trump card you have then, Magus…” A moth with colourful phosphorus powder on it appeared in the distance, carrying the conscient of the dream demon, “The anger of a rank 8 Lord of Calamity is not so easily calmed…”

Soul powder filled the area, carrying a special power of laws that prevented the moth from being affected by the battle. However, at this moment, Salilus’ withered sole red eye gazed in her direction, bringing with it immense hatred, “Scram!”

“Salilus… your improvement exceeded my expectations…” The moth emitted faint undulations from the conscient before a trace of decay rotted it into ashes.

Such was the true might of a rank 8 existence,. The charming girl within the dream demon’s land did not send out another scout. After all, the fury of someone on equal footing with her was troublesome, especially a berserk Lord of Calamity. A visit to her lands would leave her territory in complete shambles.

And that was the situation with the rank 8 dream demon. Facing Salilus head on, Leylin was under even more pressure.

“I’ve long since heard that evil gods of Dreamscape are extremely powerful beings, which is why they can sweep through numerous worlds and leave behind a resounding reputation for themselves…” Leylin could sense the space around them being frozen, as darkness, calamity, and decay gathered to form the traces of a path to power. Leylin could not help but reveal a bitter smile.

“An evil god, a Lord of Calamity of Dreamscape, definitely surpasses the dignitaries from the Purgatory World when unsealed…” This was Leylin’s newest estimation. Rank 7 existences of laws could contend with Lords of Calamity for a moment, but would fall eventually. Even their truesouls would rot away.

“I am the master of disaster, holder of the power of decay! At the end, all beings will wither away in the river of space and time…” Salilus chanted hoarsely with his dry throat, a terrifying bony hand grabbing forth in Leylin’s direction.

“Decay!” “Disaster!” “Terror!” Streaks of the power of several laws appeared to form malicious claws by Leylin’s side. These claws seemed to sing praises of Salilus, chanting along.

This was the power of faith Salilus had gathered from fear. Leylin didn’t doubt in the least that, with these accumulations, Salilus could become an intermediate god in the World of Gods in one go!

Grr! In the face of the attack of a rank 8 existence, Bodach’s snarls seemed exceedingly weak. His opponent had no need to focus on him, a mere sweep of remnant power able to injure him seriously once more. The huge dragon was filled with traces of decay, not knowing where to go.

“Disaster!” “Decay!” Two streaks of Salilus’ most powerful laws formed a strength akin to primal chaos within those large claws, whittling away the law of devouring on Leylin’s body. Once this final layer of protection had disappeared, Leylin would die in both body and soul!

It was obvious that Salilus’ hatred of Leylin in that moment exceeded that towards Bodach.

“As expected, as I am now it’ll be too difficult to go against a rank 8 without any help…” Leylin sighed. This test told him of the limits of his own strength. Although he was amongst the top of rank 7s, he was still lacking when compared to rank 8s.

‘If I didn’t have something to fall back on, I would only be able to escape, being grievously injured and finding it difficult to recuperate. Thankfully…’ Leylin rubbed at his forehead. A red line slowly cracked open there, revealing a dark red vertical eye!


“Damn it, it’s this feeling again! It’s this feeling full of mortal danger! Like I’m meeting a mortal foe! Who is it that can give a Lord of Calamity the premonition that they will bring death?”

Seeing Leylin being surrounded by the huge devilish claws, Salilus had no trace of elation on his expression. On the contrary, his dried out and malicious face was filled with madness.

The feeling of mortal malady that he’d felt today had caused him to enter the peak of his power without reservation. However, be it that wretched dragon or the rank 7 Warlock, they were both ants in front him, one merely a little bigger than the other.

Now, however, his keen truesoul of laws was trembling, the feeling of danger intensifying tenfold. This hinted at the attack of something dangerous.

“Who exactly is it?” A sharp cry immediately pierced through the skies.

Rumble! Bang! As if in answer to his snarls, the devilish claw formed of laws exploded, revealing Leylin’s figure.

Buzz… The surroundings that had been ravaged by the battle, but dense black clouds suddenly gathered in the skies. It covered the lustre of the astral plane and the other worlds, the destructive snow intensifying in its power tenfold. The entire Dreamscape seemed to awaken in this moment, placing its powerful focus on this area.

“The World Will. Did you think I’d be afraid?” Large amounts of dense black smoke rose from Salilus’ body, forming a strange screen that blocked the destructive snow. Dreamscape’s World Will did not react at all, like a supreme master watching silently from above for eternity.

The Dreamscape Origin Force that had been weak suddenly surged in strength, yet it didn’t answer Salilus’ summons as it gushed in another direction.

“The Warlock from before! It’s you!” Salilus’ withered eyes suddenly opened, seeing the figure walking out of the ocean of origin force. He would never have imagined that the World Origin Force would favour this Warlock more than it did a Lord of Calamity!

Boom! Boom! Boom! Tremendous footsteps sounded as a large figure walked over slowly. He was only half a head shorter than the over hundred metres tall Salilus.

He had a perfect body, with each shimmering muscle incomparably faultless. Intricate dark red patterns filled his body, like an exquisite armour. A blood red vertical eye opened up on the faces of both the handsome being and the Warlock, bringing with it a ruthless cold will.

Most importantly, the Dreamscape Origin Force that was like a sea lingered at Leylin’s side, rolling on in waves. After being controlled by Leylin, it was extremely tame.

Chapter 1060 – Divine Punishment

Divine Punishment

A sea of World Origin Force surrounded Leylin, carrying Dreamscape’s will. The world seemed to abandon Salilus, instead suppressing him with ill intent.

“This…” Salilus was stumped. Very soon, remnant ancient memories and his fear of Dreamscape brought him back to his senses.

It wasn’t long before the veil of mystery was removed, “This unique power… It comes from the Nightmare King! You’ve inherited his powers… the Nightmare Absorbing Physique that even Lords of Calamity dread!”

‘Power that all sovereigns dread…’ Leylin understood this vaguely, as he accepted the faint excitement of the World Will along with the endless origin force.

“Yes! The bloodline that all lords despise! You’re dead!” Black smoke arose from Salilus’ nostrils, many contorted faces writhing within as they wailed and cried.

“The ancient Nightmare King is the fear of all the lords, nobody wishes for his return. You’re dead!” Salilus repeated deliriously, “If this news spreads, all the Lords of Calamity will gang up on you!”

“It’s useless… The World’s Will had sealed this area already, you can’t transmit any information outside anymore…’ Leylin sighed, “Furthermore, I am not any weaker than you right now…”

With Dreamscape buffing his powers, the Leylin now was no different than he was back in the Purgatory World. No, he was even stronger than before!

He was already a rank 7 Warlock. The Nightmare Absorbing Physique was extremely demonic on its own, and with the support of Dreamscape Origin Force his pure strength alone put him at rank 8. He surpassed the Lords of Calamity!

Leylin sighed, striking out suddenly. The destructive snow formed a sword in Leylin’s hand, and he slashed at Salilus.