Warlock of the Magus World (Chapter 451-Chapter 600)

Warlock of the Magus World (Chapter 451-Chapter 600)

Wen Chao Gong

Chapter 451 – Fatality’s Tip

Fatality’s Tip

‘Rumour has it that after a rank 3 Magus enters the Crystal Phase, they undergo a phenomenal change and experience an exponential increase in strength. From the looks of it, that might just be true!’ Leylin stared at the Crimson Throne behind Toram, a solemn expression on his face.

Originally, his own force field had enveloped hers and suppressed it to the point of near destruction. Now, though, it had expanded greatly, especially the huge crimson throne. It seemed almost corporeal, and the power it was emitting had somewhat exceeded that of his terrifying force field.

“Haha, this is great. Just the kind of opponent I wanted!” This was the first time Leylin had felt pressure on the battlefield yet he was smiling, evidently pleased.

The opponent he’d wanted to go up against was precisely Toram, who’d experienced a huge increase in her spiritual force and had broken through to the Crystal Phase.

“Alright! Let’s see the real strength of a Magus in the Crystal Phase!” Leylin felt feverish as a layer of fine black scales formed on his body. Multiple runes appeared on the surface that formed a black membrane, an additional layer of defense.

In the face of a Crystal Phase Magus, he did not dare hold back any longer.

“If that’s what you wish!” Toram said. Two streaks of red liquid flowed down from the corners of her eyes, like tears of blood. It gave her a sinister aura.

Swish! The two human silhouettes morphed into black shadows that collided with each other. A loud ear-piercing boom was heard and a frightfully huge amount of energy rippled out in all directions.

“Lord… Lord Leylin is actually this strong?” Tamansi saw the entire horrifying scenario play out from outside the camp and his jaw dropped.

Toram was indeed the second strongest in the Arm of Vengeance, a rumoured peak Hydro Phase Magus!

Not only had she been a strong opponent for years, there had even been rumours that this person who was wanted by the Ouroboros Clan had advanced to the Crystal Phase.

What’s more surprising was that Leylin actually had the upper hand in this fight, and could fight her to a standstill! What kind of strength was that?

Only one thought was left in Tamansi’s mind. He would grasp at Leylin’s coattails without hesitation.

[Crystal Phase force field record completed! Beginning analysing opponent’s perimeter of attack!]

At this juncture, Leylin who had been battling with Toram did not look like he had it easy.

Although she’d used a secret technique to enter the Crystal Phase, Toram’s strength far surpassed Leylin’s expectations.

Not only had she formed an armour of spiritual force, that had fully advanced to the Crystal Phase, on her body, the rest of her spells had been greatly amplified as well. From the looks of it, the rumours regarding the massive transformations after advancing the Crystal Phase were true.

Besides, Toram had steeled her will and was fighting like a madman to end up in mutual destruction with Leylin. She cared not one whit about herself, which gave him a lot of trouble.

Whatever the case may be, there were still limits imposed on someone who entered the Crystal Phase using a secret technique.

The blood dripping from Toram’s body dyed the ground a bright crimson. Nearly half the blood present in the human body had already flowed out, and a normal person would have already died from such a serious injury. Even if she were a Magus, she was not in a good state either.

How could there be no price to pay when one forcibly compressed their spiritual force to enter the Crystal Phase, akin to cheating?

Leylin would not be surprised even if she suddenly burst into pieces.

“Shadowflame Plague!” Dark red flames blazed and Leylin used the opportunity to get a headstart from her opponent

Leylin smiled as he scrutinized the data recorded by the A.I. Chip. He turned to look at Toram, whilst still dripping blood. His face pale, he muttered “You were a worthy opponent. It’s a pity…”

Feeling Toram’s life force ebbing away and that she was about to drop down from the Crystal Phase, Leylin did not continue to hold back.

“Initiate the experiment and gather the data!” the A.I chip strictly carried out Leylin’s command.

The horrifying spell that had breached the defensive spell formation, that the Arm of Vengeance had been unable to react to in time, had once again begun forming at Leylin’s hand.

Horrifying amounts of energy particles condensed and formed a black spot that rested on Leylin’s fingertip.

Leylin sighed gently, and pointed at Toram. ”Rank 3 spell— Fatality’s Tip!”

”Secret technique— Crystal Shield!” Even though Toram knew of Leylin’s plans, her survival instincts and hatred towards the Ouroboros Clan urged her to accept the battle.

Many sparkling spiritual force shields appeared before her, glowing with runes.

Bang! The black ray of death arrived before Toram in a near instant, and collided with the first Crystal Phase spiritual force shield.

Crack! A hole about the size of a finger immediately formed on the shield. Many cracks extended from the hole like a spider web.

The shields rippled as they were torn apart by the ray of death, as if they were sheets of paper, on its way to Toram.

”Is this the taste of death?” A momentary distraction emerged in Toram’s eyes, but it was replaced almost instantly by the ever more terrifying flames of hatred.

”Even if I die, I will not die in such a humiliating way without even causing damage to my opponent!” She roared as blood-red flames started burning her body.

“Soul sacrifice! The flames of hatred have indeed clouded her judgement!” Leylin’s face sank. Magi knew that death was not an end. The souls of many departed high-ranking Magi would return to the astral plane, awaiting reincarnation.

A soul sacrifice was a secret technique that traded away their soul. To obtain temporary strength, the very soul was burnt away! What a great idea!

She had basically destroyed her last hope. From the looks of it, the Magus who was called Toram had an immense hatred towards the Ouroboros Clan.

A strange aura spread across the whole venue in the amount of time it took for the blood-red flames to combust.

A crimson gem appeared on Toram’s forehead and exploded, bringing with it a shower of blood. It was at this moment that Fatality’s Tip appeared in front of her.

The two collided.

Space suddenly shook, after which it seemed like nothing had happened.

Leylin was startled for a while before his face changed. He realised that things were not right and swiftly escaped.

Like the sound of glass being smashed, in the area where the blood-red gem and Fatality’s Tip came into contact, a black hole had seemingly appeared, which had sucked in all of the objects in the area.

In an instant, even the air looked distorted. After a sudden contraction, a terrifying eruption occurred!

Boom! A large mushroom cloud rose to the sky with the point of impact as the core. Large waves swept across the floor and swept away everything.

Tamansi who was watching outside was engulfed by the giant waves before he even had time to scream.

After the explosion, the sky itself started to crack apart. Anything that came into contact with these rifts suddenly disappeared from its original position.

At that moment, the sky was roaring, the ground trembling. It was only after 10 minutes or so that the remaining radiation from the explosion dissipated.

Boom! A light shone in the void as Leylin appeared again

Currently, Leylin did not look too good. Even he was affected by the aftermath of that terrifying collision, and the injuries he’d suffered were not mild.

As for his opponent Toram? Being in the middle of the eruption, she had been torn to pieces.

Let alone the soul sacrifice, just because of the secret technique Toram had used to step into the Crystal Phase, combined with the damage at the end, even if she hadn’t used a soul sacrifice she would not have much longer to live.

”What a pity…” Leylin sighed, but yet his face did not register depression. To him, he had already accomplished his objectives this time round. Even though the ending was a bit abrupt, everything was still within his control.

He landed on the ground, his feet stepping on a rock that had been burnt black. ”Tamansi, come out!”

”Master, do you have any commands?” The soil became looser and Tamansi crawled out from underground.

During the explosion, coupled with luck and his abilities as a Magus, he had managed to keep his life. However, he had still suffered severe injuries.

From Leylin’s point of view, Tamansi looked terrifying, with his clothes tattered and his skin scorched.