Legend of the Great Sage (Chapter 601-Chapter 700)

Legend of the Great Sage (Chapter 601-Chapter 700)

Dream Teller

Chapter 601: To be Good-natured like Water | Legend of the Great Sage

Gu Yanying asked, “What makes no sense?”

Yan Xixin said, “I personally believe I’ve seen my fair share of battles between cultivators. Li Qingshan’s performance is valiant and extraordinary, completely surpassing his cultivation at Foundation Establishment. Even I would not be able to withstand such attacks from Zhu Lie!”


Yan Xixin thought about how he should word it and said, “His moves are extremely ingenious, while his usage of and timing with techniques and arcane artifacts is even more meticulous. Even I can only sigh in admiration.” He paused for a moment before continuing, “But if it were not for this, he probably would have been defeated a long time ago. The fire element’s strengths lie in explosiveness and destruction, while the water element emphasises forbearance and recovery. A direct confrontation like this is very disadvantageous to him.”

It was like two armies waging war. Even if one army deployed exceptional tactics, it would be very difficult for them to emerge victoriously if their overall strategy was wrong.

Gu Yanying nodded. “His character is indeed a little staunch.”

Yan Xixin opened his mouth, wanting to say something, but he closed it again. He gazed at the Dragon Arena in worry and wondered, He primarily cultivates the water element, so how is his temperament so staunch? Or in other words, how is he able to understand the true meaning of the water element with how staunch he is?

The elemental affinity of cultivators had a very close connection to their character and temperament. Normally, those with talent for the fire element would have a relatively fiery temper. Throughout many years of cultivation and the accumulation of spiritual qi, this special characteristic would become more obvious.

Out of the water element cultivators Yan Xixin knew, they were all relatively gentle people. None of them were as firm and staunch as Li Qingshan, which made him extremely confused.

Little did he know that basically all of Li Qingshan’s talent for the water element had come from the Spirit Turtle Transformation. The spirit turtle would already be doing fantastically if it could suppress the ox demon and tiger demon, so how could it still influence Li Qingshan’s personality?

The pent-up anger in Zhu Lie became more and more violent. The trident sprayed with flames as he swung it at Li Qingshan wildly.

Li Qingshan matched his attacks with attacks without holding back at all and gradually realised something that was amiss. No matter how brutal and overbearing the Ocean Wielding he used was, his opponent’s moves would definitely be even more vicious and violent than his.

A difference in their cultivation existed in the first place, and while his ability to control water was powerful, Fire Devouring folk were also professionals with wielding fire. They canceled out one another, so the difference they could bring was negligible. And, fire was clearly much more suited for offence than water.

The spiritual qi in his dantian depleted rapidly. Less than thirty percent remained, and that was only because he had the arcane artifact jade tablet accelerating his spiritual qi recovery. He could recover water spiritual qi slightly faster, but it was nothing like several fold faster. The benefits would only become more evident the longer the battle dragged out. If this continued, it would be very difficult for him to win without using the Demon Suppression Statuary.

During the battle, Li Qingshan had also been considering a question that had troubled him all this time—how to merge water and fire!

He only saw two colours, red and blue. One burned and ascended as if it wanted to burn the sky, while the other flowed and descended as if it wanted to fall into an abyss. They demonstrated completely different properties, constantly mixing and surging. There was absolutely no possibility of merging at all.

Fire and water had no feelings. If it were regular fire and water, then so be it, but the spirit turtle’s water and the phoenix’s fire he wanted to merge together were the most pure powers in the world, so how was he supposed to merge them?

He felt rather vexed. He felt like he had misunderstood something the entire time.

With his mind in disarray, his attacks faltered slightly. Zhu Lie caught the opportunity and swung down with his trident. Li Qingshan could only raise his arm in time and block before falling down and plunging into the lake water. With a thunk, he caused a huge splash, sinking directly to the bottom of the lake. By now, only ten percent of his spiritual qi remained.

Si Bao raised his cup. “Looks like the outcome has been decided, Yanying.”

Han Qiongzhi became anxious, while Yan Xixin became even more nervous. He had risked his life to set up this fantastic situation. If he lost, then all of it would go to waste. This Li Qingshan might have some talent, but there’s no need for commander Gu to favour him this much!

Si Bao cast his gaze at Gu Yanying as if she was saying, Look at the person you chose! He’s nowhere near as powerful as you described him to be! However, she was extremely understanding too. Defeat was much more likely than victory if any Foundation Establishment cultivator of the Ruyi commandery faced the violent and vicious Zhu Lie.

Gu Yanying lowered her head and fiddled around with her cup. “If he wants to win, how can he lose?” It was a simple statement, but it displayed her absolute confidence. Han Qiongzhi shuddered and thought, Can I trust him this much?

Her trust in Li Qingshan came from her feelings, but true trust came from understanding. Gu Yanying’s understanding of Li Qingshan completely exceeded Han Qiongzhi’s.

The strongest water daemon of the Ruyi commandery, Northmoon, would lose to an otherfolk that had not even undergone the second heavenly tribulation? What kind of joke was that? Even if he could not win with his human cultivation, he only needed to use his daemon abilities slightly, and he could immediately turn the tides.

Zhu Lie followed Li Qingshan closely, pursuing right behind him.

The firelight illuminated the surface of the lake as waves of heat rapidly assaulted Li Qingshan. The trident parted the lakewater, directly plunging towards Li Qingshan’s chest.

Li Qingshan shook his head and cast these thoughts aside. Whatever. I’ll win this round first! If I lose to a minor figure like this, I’ll look horrendous!

He exhaled gently and held back his urge to strike out. Two flows of water suddenly shot out backwards from the shoes on his feet as he charged forwards violently.

“Don’t even think about escaping!” Zhu Lie roared furiously. He opened his mouth and sprayed out. A stream of fire pierced the lakewater, extending towards Li Qingshan.

Waves began to surge under Li Qingshan’s feet as he used the Wave Treading Form, abruptly accelerating and leaping to one side. The flames brushed past him, not enough to penetrate his protective spiritual qi. And, the water had still adversely affected its power to a certain degree.

Huge waves appeared on the surface of the water. Below the surface, Li Qingshan fled as Zhu Lie pursued. Li Qingshan used the Wave Treading Form to constantly change directions. Zhu Lie was vicious, but there was nothing he could do to him immediately, making Zhu Lie so angry that he cursed aloud.

“You human coward! You looked like you had some balls earlier, but I didn’t think you’d cower so soon!”

If I used my true strength, I can reduce you to mince meat with a single punch! Li Qingshan thought.