Legend of the Great Sage (Chapter 501-Chapter 600)

Legend of the Great Sage (Chapter 501-Chapter 600)

Dream Teller

Chapter 501: Scarlet Hawk Commander | Legend of the Great Sage

Hell was the place where all sins were judged. It was the ultimate representation of the solemnity of punishment.

Once disciples of legalism cultivated to a certain degree, they could draw a sliver of aura from the endless hells and merge it with their cultivations for life.

When they struck, their attacks would possess the great solemnity of hell, suppressing the vigour of the enemy. Every attack would cause pain from the very depths of the enemy’s soul, stirring up their minds.

“I don’t know what you’re trying to do, but this kind of probing is very boring!”

Li Qingshan remained composed, ignoring the pressure and enduring the pain.

Wang Pushi’s face changed. The sound of shattering ice rang out.

Li Qingshan strode forwards. He radiated with chilling coldness, leaving behind a frozen footprint with each step. His body seemed rather sluggish, but that was because he refused to expose his strength.

Without using his abilities that involved daemon qi, he unleashed the Arts of the Boundless Ocean and waves of spiritual qi surged forth in his sea of qi, purging the coldness. However, there were still slivers of coldness that continued to cling onto him, making it difficult to remove, but he ignored them.

The tea cup by Wang Pushi’s side had already turned into ice. Suddenly, cracks appeared on its surface, and it exploded loudly.

The temperature plummeted once again. The chilling coldness wormed through all openings.

The Hawkwolf guards all retreated to the edge of the hall, forced to use true qi to resist the coldness. They turned their heads away, afraid to look at Wang Pushi. Even a glance from the corner of their eye would make them shiver inside.

They were like criminals who had committed unforgivable sins standing before their judge. No matter how violent and wicked they were, they still shook in fear, afraid to confront the solemnity of law.

Crack. Crack. The sound of freezing rose and fell. Frost crawled up the columns and the entire hall.

Another sound gradually drowned out the sound of freezing, which came from Li Qingshan. It was the sound of waves. Spiritual qi tried to surge out of him and into his surroundings like the tide. His bearing did not weaken, only growing stronger instead.

Li Qingshan continued to advance step by step at a steady pace. He stared right into Wang Pushi’s eyes, paying no regard to the law.

The coldness of the Hell of Ice slips in through all openings, while my cultivation realm is above his too. The invading coldness should have injured him a long time ago, so why does he seem perfectly fine? This kid really is something else. Perhaps commander Gu’s order was not without reason.

Wang Pushi had already reached mid Foundation Establishment, obviously superior to Li Qingshan’s early Foundation Establishment. Although the difference between minor realms of cultivation were not as exaggerated as major realms of cultivation, they were still not for say.

In terms of spiritual qi, Li Qingshan possessed many advantages with his cultivation as he practised the Arts of the Boundless Ocean. As for the Wang Pushi, he was unable to demonstrate any of the advantages of his cultivation method on Li Qingshan.

Finally, Li Qingshan reached a meter away from Wang Pushi and stopped.

Two types of spiritual qi clashed violently between them, like ice sealing the ocean in winter only for the waves to smash it apart.

“Alright, just enough will do. If you continue, we might be able to stand it, but the building won’t.”

Hua Chengzan’s hands landed on Li Qingshan and Wang Pushi’s shoulders at the same time.

Both of them withdrew their spiritual qi. The armed chair that Wang Pushi originally sat on suddenly shattered into ice shrapnel.

“Commander, please issue the order!” Hua Chengzan took a step back, standing beside Li Qingshan. He was solemn for once, referring to Wang Pushi respectfully as commander.

“As commander Gu has ordered, Li Qingshan has rendered outstanding meritorious service, and his performance has been exceptional. He is hereby promoted to the Scarlet Hawk commander of the Clear River prefecture!” Wang Pushi said rather reluctantly at the end.

With that, not only did Li Qingshan become stunned, but the other Hawkwolf guards were all surprised too. They had been ordered to assemble here, but they never thought it would actually be something as major as that!

Only now did Li Qingshan understand why Wang Pushi had gathered everyone here. As it turned out, Gu Yanying had promoted him to commander.

Is it because she’s afraid I’ll go to the Chan Monastery of Deva-Nāga, so she’s giving me some benefits? No, it’s not just benefits. I can’t simply turn down my role as a commander if I don’t want to do it. If I want to leave the Clear River prefecture, I’ll need her permission as my commander too.

Of course, Li Qingshan did not believe Gu Yanying had developed feelings for him because of his confession. She probably still only treated him as a relatively important chess piece.

Hua Chengzan clapped his hands, and Hua Chenglu in scarlet clothes walked in from a side door. She carried a brand-new set of uniform for the Scarlet Hawk commander, with a tiny, scarlet bronze hawk tablet placed on top. She smiled. “Congratulations, big brother Li. No, it should be commander Li.”

“I was wondering why old Wang was in such a bad mood. So he’s been fired!” Li Qingshan laughed.

Wang Pushi shot him a vicious glance. Hua Chengzan explained in a hurry, “Don’t talk nonsense, Qingshan. Old Wang has been promoted to a White Wolf guard. He’s going to the Ruyi commandery and leaving the mess that is the Clear River prefecture. This is fantastic news for him.”

Wang Pushi was indeed rather displeased, but it was not because of himself. Being promoted to White Wolf guard and going to the Ruyi commandery had always been his dream. He just felt like the position should have gone to Hua Chengzan instead. However, after a series of tests, he could not help but admit that Li Qingshan was indeed stronger than Hua Chengzan. He did have the ability to hold the position of commander.

“You got lucky, kid. You managed to earn commander Gu’s favour.”

“Heh. That’s called strength!”

Li Qingshan, however, was thinking about something else. Right now, the war had only recently come to a close, yet Gu Yanying was already transferring a senior general of the war away. Clearly, she was extremely confident that the humans and daemons could not continue fighting.

And where did this confidence come from? It was probably all from him!

In the blink of an eye, Li Qingshan changed into the Scarlet Hawk commander uniform, standing with his arms behind his back. He strut around complacently with a valiant bearing. He had truly become the commander of the Clear River prefecture Hawkwolf Guard now.

Wang Pushi and Hua Chengzan retired to the side, giving him the room in the centre.

“Greetings, commander!” Almost a hundred Hawkwolf guards assembled again and bowed together, greeting him loudly.

Li Qingshan glanced past these people and thought to himself, So this is my squadron in the future? Hmm, looks like Qian Rongzhi isn’t here.

In the past when he discussed the three minor pillars of the Clear River prefecture with that protector Yan or whoever he was from the Iron Fist school, never did he think that he would become a part of them in the future. However, from his current perspective, it did not seem like a big deal at all.