Legend of the Great Sage (Chapter 301-Chapter 400)

Legend of the Great Sage (Chapter 301-Chapter 400)

Dream Teller

Chapter 301: Studying Artifact Forging for the First Time | Legend of the Great Sage

A mocking sneer rang out from the crowd.

Li Qingshan looked back with a raised eyebrow. He was unable to tell which ignorant person was trying to provoke him. Was it a daoist disciple under the slovenly old daoist? Or was it a buddhist disciple who was unhappy with Xiao An?

However, all he saw was a young man in white dressed like a scholar with two pretty girls beside him. Hmm? A confucian disciple.

“Who’re you supposed to be? State your name.”

Chu Tian sneered. “Don’t act like you don’t know me. This young master is Chu Tian.”

Li Qingshan found him to be slightly familiar. Suddenly, he remembered who he was. Wasn’t he the genius young man who was discovered to possess the Five Elements constitution during the elemental affinity test?

However, he had never had any contact with him, so why was he so antagonistic? He had no idea about how Chu Tian had lost a thousand spiritual stones because of him, but even if he did know about it, he would have still told him that it served him right.

Seeing how hostile Chu Tian was, Li Qingshan did not bother being polite either. He said indifferently, “I don’t have a habit of remembering the names of small fry.”

Chu Tian furrowed his brows, and he immediately lost his temper. Since young, never had anyone looked down on him so much.

“Alright you, Li Qingshan. I came here and insulted you a little. All you had to do was put up with it obediently and make me happy, and it’ll be your good fortune. Instead, you’re bold enough to even talk back. You have no idea just how much trouble you’ve made for yourself. I can see you’re quite a man of talent, so if you apologise to me right now and call me big brother, we’ll be brothers.”

Li Qingshan was utterly dumbfounded by this. He really had not seen such a piece of work before. Even his anger vanished. He looked at Chu Tian with a frown, turned his head, and asked Hao Pingyang, “Is there something wrong with this person’s head?”

Hao Pingyang and Zhang Lanqing were dumbfounded too. They deeply agreed with that question. Never did they think that one of the three geniuses from the entrance examination this time, Chu Tian, would actually have something wrong with his head.

Although Li Qingshan’s identity as the primary disciple of the school of Novels garnered quite a lot of contempt or even hostility, all the people here were new disciples. Just who would want an enemy just for a moment of verbal pleasure? That was simply sheer stupidity.

However, this genius, Chu Tian, clearly had not considered that. He spouted a bunch of nonsense that even shocked the onlookers.

A girl beside Chu Tian grumbled, “How dare you speak to our big brother Tian like that? Don’t you know that our big brother Tian is-”

Before she had even finished, Li Qingshan had already pulled Hao Pingyang over, hiding behind him like he was hiding from a psycho. It immediately made her face redden.

Chu Tian was furious. “Li Qingshan, stop right there! Are you afraid of me? If you’re afraid, then call me big brother, or I’ll never spare you!”

Li Qingshan said, “In my entire life, there’s only a single person who I would call big brother. Compared to him, you’re like a turd. Stay away from me. Just because you’re a turd doesn’t mean I’m afraid to step on you.”

Their argument had already attracted quite a lot of attention. There was a roar of laughter with that.

Hao Pingyang laughed. “That’s one amazing metaphor.”

Hua Chenglu and Yu Zijian were there too. Under the guidance of their seniors, they knew this professor from the school of Mohism taught basic artifact forging the best.

Hua Chenglu smiled. Li Qingshan was still the same as when she first met him, as haughty and arrogant as he could be.

Chu Tian never thought he would instead become a laughing stock. He was utterly fuming. Just when he was about to blow his top, someone called out, “The professor is here.”

The disciples all returned to their seats. Chu Tian was utterly furious, but even he was not bold enough to begin fighting before a professor. There seemed to be quite a lot of freedom in the academy, but it still had rules, and these rules were upheld by the school of Legalism, which was renowned for their draconian administration.

Hao Pingyang and Zhang Lanqing used this opportunity to bid farewell. They could be regarded as senior disciples in the school of Mohism, so they would never waste their own time by retaking these basic classes. They just said that they would look for him after class and show him around the island.

Li Qingshan stopped paying attention to Chu Tian too. He found a spot towards the back and sat down. The entire lecture hall was structured like a great swirl, while he sat on the edge of the swirl. This habit of his actually originated from his distant past life, which made him sigh slightly.

However, as soon as he sat down, the space beside him immediately emptied out. In particular, a female disciple from the school of Confucianism basically showed disgust as she retreated seven or eight steps away.

Li Qingshan smiled. He did not care. Chu Tian’s voice suddenly rang out in his ear. “Do you understand who is the turd now?”

Li Qingshan frowned. There was a gentle gust of fragrance, and Qian Rongzhi sat down beside him. She smiled. “Nice clothes.”

Chu Tian was surprised. Qian Rongzhi was a woman he had taken a fancy to. He immediately felt like he had just been betrayed. He turned his head away furiously.

“What’s up?” Li Qingshan did not shift his gaze when he asked that. A skinny old man with grizzled hair entered with a few boxes in his hands, making his way to the centre of the swirl and standing on the circular platform.

Afterwards, he began to drink tea without the slightest care in the world.

Everyone was surprised by this, but none of them dared to talk among themselves. They all communicated using true qi.

Qian Rongzhi asked, “Where’s Xiao An? Why isn’t she with you?”

“I don’t think our relationship has reached the point where we can talk about her.”

Qian Rongzhi became sad. Li Qingshan was unable to discern her real feelings either. “She’s currently in the school of Yin-yang, learning the Cloud Bookcase of the Seven Lots with Ma Buyi. If you have something to say, spit it out.”

Li Qingshan could completely disregard Chu Tian’s so-called provocations from a genius, immediately cursing back, but when he spoke with her, he had to raise his guard slightly. He was reluctant to fall out with her over something as petty as this, and he just had a feeling that her concern for Xiao An was not fake.

Even if Chu Tian ground his teeth in hatred against him, he would not care, but if he sensed hostility from her one day, then only the word “kill” would remain.

“Thank you. Wei Zhongyuan. Do you have time?”

“You’re in such a hurry?”

Qian Rongzhi leaned against her hand. “You gotta be swift with revenge, right? I don’t need you to kill him right now either. I still need to plan a little.”

“Revenge? You mean yours or mine?”

“Mine, of course.” Qian Rongzhi rubbed her smooth cheek. She wanted to return that slap ten fold, a hundred fold. She said leisurely, “I can’t wait to tell vice sect master Wei in detail just how I tortured Wei Yingjie to death. After that, I will unleash the same method on him. Hehe, now that’s the joys of life.”

Under the principle that the enemy of an enemy was a friend, Li Qingshan sucked in a deep breath and held back his urge to curse her. What a fucking deviant.