Legend of the Great Sage (Chapter 201-Chapter 300)

Warmth flooded Li Qingshan’s chest. He was touched. “How can my friend go without sweet potatoes to eat?” Milliped was not particularly bright, but he treated him with absolute sincerity. He had a high cultivation, but he did not capitalise on it. He was much better than those arrogant, sixth or seventh layer Qi Practitioner mongers.

This was the first friend in this life that he recognised from the bottom of his heart. He would never disappoint his friend.

“Friend?” Milliped pondered the word.

Li Qingshan patted his shoulder and smiled. “Good friends!”

“Good friends.” Milliped patted Li Qingshan’s shoulder. He seemed to understand something and chuckled loudly.

Friends were better than sweet potatoes.

They crossed through the sea of flowers and alarmed countless blue butterflies. Soon, they arrived at the centre of the open area. There was a huge, stone platform without any vegetation. It was thirty feet long, twenty feet wide, and six or seven feet tall.

Milliped laid down on there and spread out his limbs. His dazed face became relaxed as he exhaled happily. After looking at Li Qingshan and Xiao An, he rolled over to one side, opening up some free space.

Li Qingshan had no idea how to react. “You’re inviting us to sleep?” Afterwards, all he heard was snoring. This guy had already fallen asleep!

Li Qingshan and Xiao An looked at each other.

Was this stone bed really that comfortable?

Li Qingshan climbed onto the stone platform with Xiao An in his arms before trying to lie down. However, he soon sat up like he had been struck by lightning. He was stunned. For a moment, he did not feel like he was lying on some tough rock, but a pulsing sea of spiritual qi.

He rubbed the surface of the stone platform with some strength and studied it carefully. Resplendent light seemed to flicker underneath the platform, like the most beautiful gemstones of the world had fused together into one. This did not seem to be the first time Li Qingshan had seen its magnificent colour.

His heart skipped a beat, and he fished out a spiritual stone hesitantly. He compared it to the stone platform and finally confirmed. “T- this is a bed of spiritual stone!”

He probably felt like a regular person who had just found a bed made out of gold. His first reaction was disbelief, but he immediately understood why Milliped chose to make this place his dwelling out of all the places available to him in the vast subterranean world.

The first instinct of all daemons was not to eat or drink, but to search for a place rich in spiritual qi so that they could absorb more of the spiritual qi of the world.

The bed of spiritual stone was large, but it definitely could not last for decades or even centuries while it was being drained away by a Daemon General!

A thought that Li Qingshan struggled to believe in appeared in his head. He arrived beside the bed and pushed aside the soil beside the bed. He had guessed correctly. This was not a bed of spiritual stone, but a spiritual stone vein.

This stone platform was just the tip of the iceberg to the vein.

If a bed of spiritual stone was enough to incur the jealousy of cultivators, then a spiritual stone vein was enough for two cultivation sects to go to war, enough for noble cultivators to die like regular people.

The principle that greed could lead to death applied to the cultivation world as well.

This spiritual stone vein was the natural crystallisation of the spiritual qi of the world, often condensed above spiritual veins.

Most of the spiritual stone veins above ground were under the control of powerful organisations and were guarded by powerful cultivators. However, not only did spiritual stones serve as currency, but they were consumables too. Over thousands of years, many of them had been excavated and used up by humans. Some of them had even been drained dry, directly severing the spiritual vein.

However, deep underground where spiritual veins were most abundant, daemons did not have the habit of using spiritual stones to trade, nor would they use spiritual stones in formations, puppets, and artifacts. Unexcavated, daemons would rotate through these spiritual stone veins, allowing the spiritual veins to constantly absorb spiritual qi from the surroundings and nurture countless daemons and spiritual herbs.

Li Qingshan thought, Truly a fool’s luck. Originally, he thought that Milliped was broke, which was why he came to him every day to eat and drink his things. Never did he think that he slept on a bed of spiritual stone every single day. He lived an utterly extravagant life.

Milliped had freeloaded food and drink, so now it was his turn to freeload sleep from him. If he did not take advantage of a holy land for cultivation like this, he would be shamefully wasting it.

Li Qingshan laid back down, closed his eyes, and began to use the Spirit Turtle’s Method of Sea Suppression, allowing his mind to settle like a spirit turtle sinking into the sea abyss.

Chapter 207: The Nine Layers Complete | Legend of the Great Sage

Despite being rejected at the entrance, Yu Shukuang was not particularly annoyed. Instead, he admired Li Qingshan even more. He had already learnt from Yu Zijian that the foolish bird that flew in and then flew back out was a sixth layer Qi Practitioner.

He became stunned for a very long time when he heard that. Just what did sixth layer Qi Practitioners represent? It was completely beyond his imaginations. He had heard that with a thought and a sweep of their flying sword, they could behead first-rate masters like him.

Yet, someone like that had failed to even withstand a single strike from Li Qingshan before being tossed down. He had even become too afraid to look back. It filled Yu Shukuang with questions.

Just how did Li Qingshan train with how young he was? Was he the illegitimate son of some great clan? Or was he a secret disciple of some cultivation sect?

Even until now, his fantasies still ran wild, but he was unable to make sense of it. All he knew was how lucky he was to be able to establish ties with someone so important.

“Father, I just feel that great hero Niu seems somewhat familiar, as if I’ve seen him somewhere.” Yu Zijian’s face reddened slightly when she said that.

Yu Shukuang was shocked instead. He laughed dryly. “How’s that possible? It must’ve been a false impression!” Li Qingshan had specially reminded him to keep Yu Zijian in the dark about his actual identity. Why would he be bold enough to disobey him now?

Yu Zijian frowned. “Really?”

Yu Shukuang said suddenly, “Let’s go see your mother!”

What happened yesterday unearthed many of the matters that he had buried in his heart many years ago. He had wanted to do this ever since then. However, it was very late at night when all the guests finally left. He had managed to slight all the curious, probing gazes from them.

Yu Zijian agreed gently.

Stepping through the snow, the two of them arrived in the east of the city. Under a beautiful hill was a small grave. It was regularly cleaned and swept, and there were new offerings on it right now. All of this was obviously due to Yu Shukuang’s arrangements.

But today, someone was kneeling in front of the grave with their chest held high. His magnificent, silken robes had been reduced to a mess by mud and blood, but he did not seem to notice it.

“Ma Chaoqun!” Yu Shukuang frowned. As it turned out, he was still here. How had he gotten hold of this place?

Yu Zijian gripped the hilt of her sword and secretly raised her guard. Even she had failed to notice that she was now very different from before.

Ma Chaoqun turned around stiffly. His face was pale, and his lips were dark. When he saw Yu Zijian, his eyes seem to light up, and he murmured, “Zi’er!” Although he had managed to avoid being hit in his vital spots by the Metal Crescent Slash, it had still heavily injured him. He did not tend to his wounds either. All he wanted to do was to die here.

Yu Zijian said worriedly, “I’m not Zi’er. You’d better tend to your wounds, or you’ll really die like this!”