Desolate Era (Book 36 - Book 40)

“I’ll need half a year,” Hegemon Brightshore said. “I’ll also need fifteen aeonfruits.”

“Alright.” Ning accepted without haggling.

Hegemon Brightshore glanced at Ning, surprised, then laughed: “Darknorth, how many aeonfruits did you take from the Aeonians? They value every single of them highly, but it seems you were able to snatch away fifteen of them with ease. No wonder they are searching for you like crazy.”

“Not that many, actually,” Ning said.

“I have to remind you to be careful. Neither Archon Silksnow nor the Aeonians are easy enemies to face,” Hegemon Brightshore said. “I promised you to help you out once! If you are willing to trade me more aeonfruits, I’ll help you out a second time for ten more of them.”

Ning blinked. Ruthless. Absolutely ruthless. Ten?! The Aeonians were only able to harvest thirty-six aeonfruits every million chaos cycles. They were only created thanks to an Autarch’s blood!

“Very well.” Ning still smiled and nodded, but he murmured mentally to himself, “Oh, Hegemon… I’m afraid you won’t have that chance any longer. Neither Archon Silksnow nor the Aeonians are of any threat to me.”


The vast Sacred City of Silksnow was perpetually covered by drifting flakes of snow. At the very top of a towering palace within the city. A skinny, white-robed, white-haired man was standing in front of the railings, his long eyebrows fluttering in the wind. He stared off into the void of space, three Eternal Emperors behind him.

“Hmph.” Archon Silksnow was boiling with killing intent. “I’ve received word that Daolord Darknorth is currently hiding within the Brightshore Kingdom,” Archon Silksnow said coldly. “I don’t know if it is a Primaltwin or if he managed to revive himself somehow, but I’m absolutely not going to let him survive again.”

“He’s probably going to spend quite some time in the Brightshore Kingdom,” the red-haired, red-robed woman said hesitantly.

“There’s no way he’ll hide there forever. Sooner or later, he’ll come out. Daolords only live for 108,000 chaos cycles; he needs to go out adventuring, and he needs to attempt the Daomerge. There’s no way he’ll hide inside forever,” Archon Silksnow said.

“But where would he flee to?” The other Emperors were all hesitating. They felt that trapping Ning was going to be extremely difficult.

Archon Silksnow, however, felt quite confident: “Once he leaves the Brightshore Kingdom, there are two possibilities. The first is that he will go through one of the three spacetime tunnels as he leaves. The tunnels which Hegemon Brightshore personally established can send him a tremendous distance, and they lead to three different regions. The second possibility is that he’ll leave on his own power.”

Archon Silksnow smiled coldly. “I’m going to ask the three of you to stand guard in front of those three spacetime tunnel exits. I will personally stand guard outside the Brightshore Kingdom! So long as he dares to exit it, I’ll immediately kill him.”

“Very well.”

“Archon, it’ll be easy if you merely wish for us to watch the spacetime tunnel exits, but you’ll have to watch over the entire Brightshore Kingdom.” The three Emperors all felt rather worried.

“I have my own plans.” Archon Silksnow didn’t explain in detail. He had that damaged realmship, but it was in good enough shape that it even had a ship-spirit. The realmship was usable, it just wasn’t able to cover long distances; in fact, it couldn’t even match up to the distance Hegemon Brightshore could teleport through spacetime. Despite that, Archon Silksnow still didn’t dare to divulge the fact that he had it. He truly wanted to kill Ning and Ninedust so that he could repair it a bit further.

As soon as he moved close to the Brightshore Kingdom, he would be able to sense Ning’s location based on the resonance between the parts. If Ning wanted to slowly fly away… impossible!

“We’ll keep watch over the three spacetime tunnels and the area outside the Brightshore Kingdom. Daolord Darknorth… you have nowhere to run.” Archon Silksnow narrowed his oily green eyes, cold light flashing from them.


Ning, however, didn’t care at all. Nearly five months went by. Hegemon Brightshore visited quite a few places, finally acquiring all the materials which Ning needed.

Thankfully, Ning had only requested the materials needed for the first two stages of the [Lumisword Godwings]. If he wanted to fully master it, the materials needed would cost tens of time as much. The entire Flamedragon Realmverse probably didn’t have enough; he’d have to go elsewhere to slowly search for it.

“Lumisword Godwings.” Ning sat in the lotus position within a flat plains within his estate-world. Above his head hovered an absolutely dazzling pair of golden wings which radiated an aura of incomparable sword-ki.

The wings were spread out revealing countless feathers. Each feather radiated an absolutely staggering amount of power. The wings and the feathers were all formed by sword-light which had taken material form. Within Ning’s Jindan chaos region lay the actual golden wings, which were akin to a type of magic treasure. All the precious materials that had been consumed were used to forge this set of wings.

This pair of wings hung there within the Jindan chaos region. As Ning carefully molded and remolded it over and over again, a large number of materials were continuously consumed and transformed into feathers which flew into the wings.

As more time flowed on, the wings began to grow more and more complicated as well as larger in size. Clearly, its power was increasing as well. The Godwings above Ning’s head began to glow with absolutely dazzling light. Most likely, ordinary supreme Daolords who saw it would be so terrified their legs would turn to jelly.

The [Grand Diffraction Sword] and the [Lumisword Godwings] were somewhat different in nature. The [Grand Diffraction Sword] was rather unpredictable and ephemeral, almost like the waves of the sea in that it came crashing down upon foes in an endless cycle. Its power was spread out across countless streams of sword-ki. The [Lumisword Godwings], however, focused all of its power into that pair of wings.

The first scattered its power, the second condensed it. This was why Ning had determined that these were the two secret arts which would be most appropriate for him to use in forming his Yin-Yang Chaosworld.

“It truly is complicated. It really does require an extremely high level of insight into the Dao of the Sword.” This was an extremely complicated secret art. Ning had spent over thirty thousand years training in it… and if one factored in his usage of a temporal acceleration treasure, he had actually spent over three million years before succeeding! The complexity of this secret art was self-evident.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Up above the sea of diffracted light within Ning’s Jindan chaos region, a simple yet beautiful golden pair of golden wings could be seen flying about. Its power was now completely restrained and reserved, unlike before when it was plainly visible.

“I’ve finally mastered it. I’ve now mastered both of my secret arts; the [Grand Diffraction Sword] and the [Lumisword Godwings].” Ning revealed a look of delight.