Desolate Era (Book 25 - Book 27)

Desolate Era (Book 25 - Book 27)

I Eat Tomatoes

Book 25, Chapter 1 - Daolord Solesky

Atop a large ship that was advancing through the emptiness of space.

“Sit.” The raggedy old man sat down in the lotus position, a table in front of him. The table was covered with fruit and wine, and Ji Ning sat down in front of the old man.

“Oh, right. I haven’t introduced myself yet.” The raggedy old man smiled. “I’m one of the three Palace Lords of Vastheaven Palace, ‘Daolord Solesky’.”

“Three Palace Lords?” Ning was surprised.

The information which World God Northrest had left behind indicated that Vastheaven Palace only had two Palace Lords.

“All members of Vastheaven Palace address each other as ‘brother’. There’s no difference in status amongst us,” the raggedy old man explained. “Anyone who can become a Samsara Daolord will be honored with the title of ‘Palace Lord’. A short while ago, Vastheaven Palace gave birth to a new Samsara Daolord.”

Ning was secretly amazed.

This was truly incredible. Their organization had a total of three Daolords! Vastheaven Palace truly was a thriving, powerful place.

“Earlier, you said that it was Northrest who gave you the talisman of welcome. How exactly did Northrest die?” A hint of a baleful aura began to gather around the raggedy old Daolord Solesky. The members of Vastheaven Palace showed extreme solidarity, especially since it was extremely hard to join Vastheaven Palace in the first place. Every single member of the Palace was extremely talented. World God Northrest was on the same level of power as God Emperor Blacklotus, and strictly speaking he was actually a bit more powerful. This was because World God Northrest had trained in the [Nameless] sword-art. When using it alongside Violetjewel, he was somewhat stronger than even Blacklotus had been.

“He was slain by the three Wujiao Godbeasts,” Ning said.

“Them?” A cold light flashed through Daolord Solesky’s eyes, then he closed them and began to spread out his senses.

Daolord Solesky looked just like an ordinary old beggar, but when he closed his eyes, a wave of invisible power swept out from him that caused even Ning to feel a sense of uncontrollable veneration towards the man. Prior to this, Daolord Solesky had kept his aura completely suppressed, so as to ensure that Ning wouldn’t feel any pressure from his presence at all. Now, however…Ning felt the pressure.

A short while later, Daolord Solesky opened his eyes and nodded. “I’ve already sent word to Vastheaven Palace. Both Warlord and I engaged in a bit of divination. Those three Wujiao Godbeasts truly were the slayers of Northrest.”

Ning couldn’t help but secretly sigh in amazement.


Ning himself had some insights into the workings of fate, and was capable of seeing the destinies of ordinary mortals and weak cultivators. Thus, he knew exactly what Daolord Solesky meant! To use the power of divination to calculate and identify the killer of Northrest was extremely difficult, because there were many different streams of variables which interfered with the workings of fate.

However, once they knew that the killers were the three Wujiao Godbeasts, things were different. They were able to use divination to calculate the actions of both Northrest and the three Wujiao Godbeasts, making it millions of times easier to come to the correct conclusion. Still, few World-level experts would be capable of such a thing.

“Those three vile creatures truly were audacious. How dare they scheme against one of our brothers?” Daolord Solesky’s eyes flashed with cold light. “I really wonder where the hell they got their courage from. Six of our brothers from Vastheaven Palace have already set out after them. Soon, those three vile creatures will die.”

Ning couldn’t help but secretly sigh for the three Wujiao Godbeasts.

To plot against a member of Vastheaven Palace was no easy feat. The slightest misstep would spell certain doom.

All those years ago, the three Wujiao Godbeasts had successfully ambushed World God Northrest, acquiring the treasures they wanted and forcing him to flee while heavily injured. Despite their ‘success’, they risked their own lives as they furiously chased after him, diving deep into many dangerous areas! They did this precisely because they actually were filled with tremendous terror regarding the possibility of Vastheaven Palace finding out what they had done. If that happened…given how powerful Vastheaven Palace was, they would be easily wiped out.

In the Vastheaven Territory, Vastheaven Palace was the undisputed hegemon.

All of its members were extremely formidable, and some of their most powerful members transcended even supreme World Gods in might. They were even stronger than Northrest had been! Just one of those figures would be able to easily slay all three of them. Even ‘ordinary’ members of Vastheaven Palace would be more powerful than the three Godbeasts; if several ‘ordinary’ members were sent out, they would have no chance at all of surviving.

In the end, World God Northrest was forced to flee into such a lethal death trap that even his Eternal weapon was half-shattered! Only then was he able to throw the three Wujiao Godbeasts off his trail. Thankfully, the quintessence core of his Eternal weapon was extremely powerful, allowing the remnants of his truesoul to hide within it. Alas, in the end, he was unable to reverse or stop the process of his truesoul breaking apart.

“Eh? Why is my lifeblood oath still active?” Ning frowned slightly.

He had sworn a lifeblood oath to go to Vastheaven Palace and inform its Welcomer of Northrest’s death within a chaos cycle.

He had now notified Daolord Solesky, which meant that word had surely been spread to all the members of Vastheaven Palace. In fact, several of the brothers had already struck out for revenge. By all rights, the Welcomer should have been informed as well.


“Right.” Ning immediately understood what was going on.

The exact wording of his lifeblood oath had been: “I swear on my very life itself that within a thousand years of becoming an Elder God, I must leave the Three Realms. I must reach ‘Vastheaven Palace’ within a chaos cycle and inform a Welcomer of Vastheaven Palace that World God Northrest was slain by the three Wujiao Godbeasts.”

The wording of his lifeblood oath specified that he had to physically reach Vastheaven Palace within a chaos cycle. This was part of his oath.

“It seems that the lifeblood oath will only dissipate after I actually reach Vastheaven Palace,” Ning mused to himself. “Eh. I’m going there anyways. No rush.”

“Ji Ning.” Daolord Solesky suddenly spoke out.

“Palace Lord,” Ning said.

“Just call me big brother Solesky,” Daolord Solesky said with a laugh. “In Vastheaven Palace, people on the same level simply refer to each other as ‘brother’. If someone is a level higher than you, you should just refer to them as ‘big brother’.”

“Big brother Solesky.” Ning nodded.

“Ji Ning, I spent quite a bit of time rushing all the way from the Vastheaven Territory to the Badlands Territory because there are two places in the Badlands Territory I must visit,” Daolord Solesky said.

“Two places in the Badlands Territory?” Ning listened attentively.

“The first place is the Windsource Ruins,” Daolord Solesky said. “I was headed over there, but halfway there I sensed your talisman of welcome. However, I could also sense fate whispering to me that you weren’t in too much danger, so I took my time and wasn’t in a rush to go find you. Alas…if I had known what was happening, I would’ve travelled to you at maximum speed. Perhaps I might’ve been able to save that ‘World God Blackmist’ fellow.”