A Will Eternal (Chapter 601-Chapter 800)

That blood came from the deva patriarch, and was incredibly pure.

When Bai Qi reached the summit and began to deal with the restrictive spell, many of the other clan members on the mountain looked up with complex emotions. Although most of them were frustrated and jealous, there was nothing they could do.

Outside of the ancestral land, the clan members who had gathered to watch the event saw what was happening, and various serious expressions could be seen on their faces. The clan chief smiled broadly, whereas the clan elders looked on indifferently. After all, they had all agreed to this matter, and knew that the supposed trial by fire was mostly just for show.

Originally, Madam Cai should have been in custody and being punished, but for some reason she was now in the crowd, excitedly watching the scene play out.

The person paying the closest attention to Bai Qi, though, was Bai Xiaochun. Now that he saw Bai Qi dealing with the restrictive spell, he stopped in place to think for a moment.

Then he turned to look at the fifth young lady, and suddenly, seemed to be bursting with energy. His eyes shone far more brightly than before, and for some reason, he seemed taller and stronger. It was as if, moments ago, he had been a tiny hill, but was now a towering mountain peak!! Conversely, the ancestral mountain he was standing on was now like a tiny hill compared to him! The air around him even began to distort as something like a black hole formed!

“Thank you for watching out for me, Fifth Young Lady,” he said. “I’d like to pay you back for your kindness. If you agree, then tell me what things you want from the mountain, and I’ll get them for you. Take your pick.”

The sudden change to Bai Xiaochun happened so quickly that neither the fifth young lady nor Bai Lei were able to react.

“You....” Bai Lei’s eyes widened, and his heart began to pound. For some reason, Bai Xiaochun seemed like one of the clan’s grand elders right now, completely shocking. In fact, when their eyes met, Bai Lei felt his mind spinning.

The fifth young lady was panting, completely taken aback by what Bai Xiaochun had just said.

Bai Xiaochun looked at her and once again said, “Well, Fifth Young Lady, take your pick!”

All of a sudden, the fifth young lady seemed to realize what was going on. Shivering, and eyes shining, she suddenly laughed.

“If you can get anything on this mountain for me... then what are you waiting for?! Take it all!”

Bai Xiaochun looked at her deeply, then threw his head back and laughed. “You got it!”

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602: Take What I Wan

Chapter 602: Take What I Want

Very few people on the mountain had even noticed the change in Bai Xiaochun. Most everyone else was transfixed by Bai Qi as he dealt with the final restrictive spell at the summit, and were looking on with jealousy, frustration, and countless other emotions.

“This is really unfair!”

“That’s right. Even if Bai Qi were more of a chosen than he already is, he shouldn’t have been able to make it to the top of the mountain that easily. I don’t care if he is in the great circle of Core Formation!”

“Hmph! I was watching him, and from what I could tell, he knew how to deal with those restrictive spells before he even got to them! It was too easy for him!”

“Come on, don’t you realize what's going on? Not even Bai Lei put up a fight. It’s obvious that the ancestral land was opened just for Bai Qi! The leadership already decided to give him the deva soul, that way he can get his five elements deva beast souls and form his nascent soul!!”

Most angry of all were the people from the auxiliary bloodlines, whereas the people from the direct bloodline seemed very pleased. They even went so far as to rebuke anyone they heard saying anything they didn’t like.

“Bai Qi is the qilin son of our clan! It’s the will of heaven and earth that he gets that deva soul!”

All sorts of talk could be heard on the mountain. Meanwhile, people on the outside were also dealing with all sorts of thoughts and feelings.

No one outside had noticed Bai Xiaochun yet either. Bai Qi was currently the main focus in the ancestral land, and was like a blazing sun that drew all attention.

As he went about dismantling the restrictive spell, discussions could also be heard near the stone gate.

“So, the deva soul is going to Bai Qi....”

“I'd guessed that it would be him. Not that we would have had a say in it anyway.”

“It was definitely set up ahead of time. Nobody else even had a chance. But then again, nobody is on the same level as Bai Qi.”

As people discussed the matter, the faces of the clan elders were all expressionless. After all, they had all known ahead of time that this would happen. Even the grand elders from the Hall of Justice and the Hall of Corrections weren’t reacting.

None of them qualified to argue with the decisions made by the patriarch, and furthermore, Bai Qi really was the cream of the crop of the current generation.

Most excited of all was Madam Cai. She was physically shaking from excitement, and could barely breathe straight as she watched the image of Bai Qi on the screen.

“My Qi’er is definitely the qilin son of the Bai Clan,” she thought. “That deva soul was prepared just for him! How dare that little son of a bitch Bai Hao try to compete with my Qi’er. What gives him the right?! Everything was prepared for Qi’er. All we did was take his research notes and arrange for him to be killed! How dare he fight back against us!!

“You just wait, Bai Hao. As soon as my Qi’er gets that deva soul, you’ll definitely be dead, you son of a bitch!!”

Madam Cai laughed out loud, sounding completely elated.

The clan chief no longer looked grim like he usually did. As the sun shone down onto his smiling face, he seemed warm, happy, and proud.

However, even as Bai Qi attempted to break through the restrictive spell, people outside of the ancestral land finally noticed that Bai Xiaochun was thrumming with a shocking energy.

In fact, that energy was so shocking, so indescribably powerful, that it caused the screen to distort. The fact that the energy seemed to be interfering with heaven and earth caused looks of shock to appear on the faces of many of the clan members.


“Bai Hao!”

“What’s going on? What’s happening with Bai Hao!?!?” Eyes widened as more people looked over. The clan elders seemed shocked, as did Madam Cai and the clan chief. All of them subconsciously looked over at Bai Xiaochun!

It was in that very moment that Bai Xiaochun threw his head back and laughed uproariously. Then, he looked at the fifth young lady and said, “Alright, Fifth Young Lady. If you have the guts to ask for everything, then I have the guts to get it for you!”

Only moments ago, Bai Xiaochun had come to realize that although the fifth young lady seemed soft, she was actually a lot more tough and tenacious than he’d realized.

If he took all the treasures on the mountain and gave them to her, it wouldn’t be easy for her to keep them. However, she obviously knew that, and yet was still confident enough to say what she had. In that case, Bai Xiaochun wasn’t going to disagree with her.

As he laughed, his hair whipped about in the air, and his cultivation base began to rise rapidly. In almost the blink of an eye, he went from Early Foundation Establishment to the mid stage, the late stage, and then the great circle. Within a few earth-shaking moments, he had become a Core Formation cultivator.

Wind screamed around him, shaking the entire ancestral mountain, rising up into the sky and even provoking lightning. All of the clan members on the mountain were completely shaken, and began to cry out in shock.

“Th-this... this....”